Music Recital

This is Lucas' first recital and Logan's second.  I have to make them do music lessons, but I think it's good for them;)  Even though I highly doubt they ever do anything with it as a career, I do want them to appreciate and have some musical knowledge.  Lucas likes it more than Logan.
Lucas with his teacher, Asa Hartley.
Logan thinks his teacher drives a cool car.  It's a Mustang.
They were both nervous.  Lucas was biting his fingernails.

Lane Preschool Program

We have loved First Steps Preschool for many years now.  I was so thankful that someone quit so we could have their spot for Lane this year.  It has helped out with teaching school for the boys.  These were pictures from his little end of year program.
I wanted a class photo but it didn't really work out:)

Cincinnati Trip

The week after Easter, the boys and I went to Cincinnati to visit my friend Rita.  I also went to a homeschool conference, but on the way we stopped at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  I have been wanting to go here for years now so I was so excited to go.  Several years ago, we watched Ken Ham's video series at church called "Answers in Genesis."  This series included twelve 30-minute videos that were excellent and very eye opening for me.  I think every one should watch these to see how much we are influenced by non-biblical teachings all around.  It is also good to understand so you are able to explain some answers biblically to someone who doesn't believe.  

I recommend this museum to anyone...skeptics about Christianity and the Bible and certainly believers!  It is a visual representation of the gospel and of the Bible.  You go through seven C's of History:  Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.
We ate in the restaurant area and as we were leaving I turned around and saw Ken Ham sitting at a table with a group of men.  It appeared to be a meeting, but when I saw him I just waved really big at him and said "HI!!"  In that moment, I realized of course he had no idea who I was even though I "knew" who he was.  He waved back politely to me.   Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him.  One of the men at the table kindly took a photo for us.  I told Ken that I had watched many of his videos and I thanked him for his ministry.  
He wanted to push the button in the elevator.  :)

There is a beautiful outdoor area with botanical gardens, lots of neat bridges, and a petting zoo.
Lucas picked out this at the gift shop.  Lucas and Lane fought over it. 
I want to go back and take Landon:)
The next day we went to the Cincinnati Zoo.  It was amazing!!!  We have been to several different zoos and this was the best one I've been to...hands down!  There were animals that I have never heard of here.  haha.  Also, there was so much to see that we didn't even get to see everything.  
I've never been this close to a cheetah!
They had SOOOOO many tulips all throughout the zoo!  Beautiful!
Checking out the penguins.

Rita had plans on this day and didn't get to go to the zoo with us.  It was Connor's birthday and he got to pick what he wanted to do.  More than anything he wanted to go to McDonald's.  So, that evening we had a lovely dinner.

The next day Rita's brother and sister-in-law came for the conference.  They also homeschool.  The three of us too the kids to the Aquarium for the morning.  I tried to get a group photo, but this was the best we could manage.

Rita deserves some sort of medal.  She graciously volunteered to watch all the kids while we went to the conference.  She had my three, her three, her sister-in-law's four, and one extra from a friend.  She watched ELEVEN children with nine of them five and under, three in diapers.  It makes me have a panic attack thinking about it, but Rita is so calm and laid back she acted like it was no big deal.

I have wanted to go to this conference ever since I started homeschooling but it just hasn't worked out before.  I was so thankful to get to go.  It was what I needed.  I am so thankful that Rita watched my kids and allowed me to go!  I left a day early because I had to get back for a wedding, but I felt full to the brim from all the speakers I got to hear.  It was so inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging.
I am glad I didn't go here my first year of homeschooling because I think my brain might have exploded going into the vendor hall.  This was just HALF of the vendors.