IU Basketball Camps

Last year, Logan went to Coach Tom Crean's Basketball Camp at Indiana University.  It was a great experience for an aspiring basketball player.  Not to mention, a great week for a dad who is an IU fanatic.  Landon signed up Logan again this year and he was thrilled to get to go again. 

This was a four day camp from 9:00-5:00.  Logan was exhausted at the end of each day because they played hard the whole time.  It was an extremely organized and well planned camp.  They had drill stations to work on their skills.  They were divided into teams within different leagues according to age.  It was a skills and competition camp so they played tournament games for most of the day.  The games were Logan's favorite part of the camp. 

Coach Crean is giving a speech about the behavior he wants to see during camp.  He encouraged the campers to focus on always using eye contact when speaking to others and saying "please" and "thank you."  He also told the campers to work hard on their strengths and attack their weaknesses.  
 The campers spread out all over the gym to do their warm-ups with Coach Jackson the strength and conditioning coach.
They played "shirts and skins" during the games.

Landon, Lucas and Lane are cutting up with Assistant Head Coach Buckley.
In the afternoons, all the campers and parents got to watch the IU team do some drills.  Some of the campers got to participate with them too.
Day 2:
Drills in Assembly Hall
Day 3:
Lucas and Jeremy Hollowell
Shooting competition.
When they subbed out of the game, the players took turns keeping score.
Day 4:
This little guy was a mess.  It's a lot to ask a sixteen month to try and sit still for that length of time.   It was much easier last year because he stayed in his car seat or was held.  He couldn't even roll over at this time last year.  However, this year he didn't want to sit still. 
At the end of the last day, all the players and coaches stay to let everyone get photos and sign autographs.
 The family with Coach Crean.
 Austin Etherington signing Lucas' Ball Boy shirt
 Austin and Logan
Luke Fischer on the left and Collin Hartman on the right, both incoming freshman.  Luke is a 7 footer from Wisconsin
Stanford Robinson and Troy Williams
Noah Vonleh, a McDonald's All American
 Devin Davis
Jeremy Hollowell
Raphael Smith, Derek Elston, and Eric Gordon's brother,  Evan.  Derek's face cracks me up in this one.
I love this one!
Peter Jurkin and Hanner Mosquera-Perea
Johnny Marlin, Taylor Wayer, and Jeff Howard
The boys with Calbert Cheaney....Indiana's all time leading scorer (and the Big Ten's)
 Logan's team: Virginia
Landon also signed up the boys to come back two weeks later for the Little Hoosiers Basketball Camp.  Unfortunately, he didn't get to go so I took the boys by myself.  It was a shorter camp that was only three days and only lasted from 9:00-12:00.  The boys and I had a good time in Bloomington. 
This was the first time that Lucas has gotten to do anything like this.  I am SO glad we got to go.  I absolutely loved seeing Lucas get so excited about playing.   Logan played at this camp with much more confidence.  I suppose it was because it was smaller and he was one of the older kids.  In the last camp he was younger than the others.  One year can make a huge difference!  I tried to encourage him and remind him that last year he had trouble even shooting a foul shot and getting it to the goal.  This year he has no trouble with that, but that's what a whole year can do!  This camp was a good confidence builder for both of them. 
If you know Lucas, you know he likes band-aids.  He went to the trainer to get one in the middle of drills. 
They played a team game like "steal the bacon" only with a basketball shooting game.  They had to go to the middle when their number was called and get the basketball from the cone, run to their goal, shoot a lay-up, and race to put the ball back on the cone.

I love this picture.  When their team won, Lucas ran and hugged his coach because he was so excited.

I was so proud of Lucas!!  He got the "best attitude" award for his team on the first day.  He was so excited to pick out candy for a prize, but it all had peanut butter in it. 
Day 2:
It was a treat to have Jordan Hulls there to do drills with the boys.  He has been one of our favorites to watch.  He graduated last year, but he came back one day to help with the camp.
On the last day it was "stripes" day.  Each team was assigned either red or white to wear so they could make stripes on in their team lines. 
I was so proud of Logan too!!!  On the last day, he got the "hustle" award for his team.
Jeremy was Logan's coach for this camp.
We were very excited to see Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey come back for the last day of camp.  They have been out of the country on the USA Team.