Christmas 2013

Yeah, over two months late, but here are our photos from Christmas.  Every year, I have lots I want to do during the month of December to do with the kids.  Sometimes when Christmas is over, I feel like I didn't get everything finished that I wanted to, but it all can't be done.  One thing that I have wanted to do for years was to go see The Nutcracker.  Last spring we studied about Russia and we studied about Tchaikovsky, and in particular, the music from The Nutcracker.  I haven't ever seen it!  It's something I say each year I want to do, but the hustle and bustle of Christmas holidays seem to take over.  This year, we purchased the tickets in October so we would have it in our schedule.
It was wonderful.  I loved our seats being in the balcony because we could see the instrumentalists.  Lucas loved seeing the strings since he is learning to play the cello.  I haven't ever seen a ballet, and I'm glad we got to go, but I prefer musicals:)  

I love decorating for Christmas!  My ornaments are one of my favorite things and they bring back such memories as I put them on the tree.  
I bought these ornaments several years ago, but I had to make some adjustments when we had Lane.  Logan has a "Mom's Favorite Oldest Child."  Lucas had a "Mom's Favorite Youngest Child," but I had to get him a new one that says, "Mom's Favorite Middle Child."  We had these last year, but Lucas must have forgotten. This year when I had him hang it on the tree he said, "Mom!!  You're not supposed to have favorites!!"  This kid makes me laugh.  I had to explain that he is my only middle child so he's my favorite one!

On Christmas Eve afternoon, we went to Mamaw and Papaw's.  Papaw read a story the boys and we exchanged some gifts with each other.

Christmas Eve at Mom's 
I love Lane's scrunchy face "CHEESE"

We set off these lanterns at a family reunion last year. Mom got some for us to set off this year on Christmas Eve. It was really cold, but they were soooo pretty!  It reminds me of Tangled.  A few weeks ago, I had the Disney Channel on for Lane at bedtime.  Landon came home and found me crying as I was watching the end of the movie.  Lane was asleep for who knows how long.  haha.  I felt really dumb, and of course, Landon made fun of me.
A few got hung in the tree.
We burned a hole in ours.  It still flew though:)

Christmas Eve...getting ready for Santa
Lane was a little cookie thief.  He kept snatching Santa's cookies.  haha.

Christmas Morning!!
Santa came!
Oh, the excitement and anticipation!
A new trampoline!!!
I love Lucas' face here.
I think Landon lost his mind.  Lucas said he wanted real Batman weapons.  Landon cut his finger taking them out of the plastic.  I think it's a great gift for a seven year old.  haha.
He was excited though!
Lane was excited about his pacis!
More shoes for Landon!
He was surprised about this gift...a signed basketball by Bobby Knight.
They were so excited about trying out their new trampoline!  Santa's elves didn't quite get it all put together, even though they stayed up until the wee hours in the morning in the freezing cold.  poor things.
I love Logan's face in this one!

This was also a really fun gift...
He's such a fun dad!

Christmas as Sara's 

Christmas at Charlie and Melody's
This year was a different and sad.  There was a hole here.  We lost Della Mae in April, so Christmas this year wasn't the same without her.  She is missed terribly, but I'm thankful that I know where she is!
I have a lot of these faces with Landon :)