Lucky Thirteen

Today Landon and I celebrate thirteen years of marriage.  I have the best husband I could ever ask for.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who is also a great father.  I am so very thankful and proud to call him mine. 

One of the things I love most about Landon is his thoughtfulness.  This year, he planned an overnight trip and wouldn't tell me where we were going.  I can't believe he didn't break down and tell me after my RELENTLESS questioning and begging.  I could only get a few vague clues here and there to string me along, but I honestly had no idea what he had planned. 

He took me to Kingsport, Tennessee for a hot air balloon festival.  I was SOOO excited when I found out!  I have a fascination with hot air balloons and I couldn't wait to see them up close and in person. 

There were 21 balloons registered for the festival.  They were scheduled to launch at 6:30 that evening so we sat on the sidewalk and waited.
...and waited.  Finally we saw some action.  Two balloons were starting to get blown up.
As these two balloons were getting filled up, someone came running down the road and told them to shut it off.  The weather was too risky to launch.  It was windy and a storm was brewing.  As we walked down the road a little disappointed, we got there just in time to see the only one of the day take flight.

This was really awesome to see.  Landon said too bad it was a Re-Max balloon.  haha.  I told him Tri-Star should invest in one too.  Even though this didn't go according to plan, it was still a great getaway to have uninterrupted conversation.   Now I really want to ride in one!


I look forward to many more wonderful years together.

366 Project: July Pictures

He loves to grab his toes.  So cute!

My boys love Taylor and Mackenzie!!

We had a mouse in our basement.  UGGG!!  Lucas was on his way to catch it.  He was armed with a piece of cheese and his plan was to beat it with a shoe.  HAHA.  It didn't work out as he planned.

We take a family picture every year on Papaw's porch.

Matching outfits from Mamaw.

Louisville Zoo.

Swimming at Aiden's birthday party.

Bray's birthday party.

Lane loves his seat!  I didn't use these with the other boys.  What a GREAT invention!

Ice Cream party.

Lane loves his brother!

Maybe if you move your body, the ball will go that direction.

This has changed our world...more on this later.
After a long absence, we found puppy (the one on the left).  We have been looking everywhere for him.  Lucas was so thrilled when Landon found him but puppy got scolded for running away for so long.  He and a friend had to be buckled up too.
Rainbow on the way to church.
Lane is the smiliest little guy!

Our melted crayon art projects.

I'm so thrilled that Logan can make armpit noises...so proud.  haha.

I love their matching suits.

5 months

Hot Air Balloon Festival.

My sweet little boys.

We're loving the new basketball goal

Tie-dye shirts.

My boys at the dragon park.

Logan got Lane to sleep.

Jam session.

Superhero art.

Matching cousins.

Lane loves his bouncer.

Thirteen years today! 


Our Own Art Mill

Last year, I took Logan to the Art Mill to create a painting on a canvas.  I have wanted to take them both all summer, but the weeks that I liked on their schedule didn't work for us.  Julie and I were going to drive to the Lebanon studio, but we decided to just do our own.  It ended up growing to a few more friends.  My boys enjoyed it and want to do it again, and we saved some money too.  I had all the supplies except for the canvases.
He sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating just like his mama.
Lucas changed his mind at least ten times on what he wanted to paint.  He finally decided on Robin.