Father's Day and the Rest of the Week

I don't say these words casually, but I am really thankful for the godly husband and father Landon is in our household.  Yesterday I really thought about how much Landon has grown spiritually and how his convictions have changed about so many things. 

I love how the boys squeal "Daddy!!!" as soon as he walk in the door from work.  They also run full blast when he says goodbye in the mornings so they can give him one last hug as he heads out the door.  I also love how he wrestles with the boys because I hate to do that☺  It is something that boys need and love, so I am glad he does it! They both look up to him and try to be like him.  He is a hard worker and he makes me want to be a better person. 

I am also thankful to have a wonderful dad and father-in-law! 
It was great to spend the afternoon with them both!

We got season passes to Dollywood this year, and we got to enjoy them for the first time this week.  It was rather cold, and when we got wet it was freezing!!  We decided to do Splash Country another day. 
Getting measured for the rides this year.  Both Aiden and Lucas moved up a color this year...growing boys!
So very true...
Look at Chloe's face.  haha
Lucas was soaked!!
Julie is loving it too.☺

This is seriously the worst ride ever!  I had just dried out from the other ride and Julie led us to this evil ride.  You are in this boat and people all along the side shoot you non-stop in the face.  You also try to hit targets with your water gun...only to be pelted in the face with water!!!  I was soaked all the way through from this one!  The kids loved it, but I refused to ride it again.  Poor Julie.  Maybe next time I will be a better sport. 
Look at Julie.  haha!  I appreciate her going again!!!!
I couldn't believe I was actually complaining that it was too cool, but only when you were wet.  Maybe next time we can go to Splash Country!

Wednesday was Logan's half-birthday.  I know very few who actually celebrate half-birthdays, but we do because Logan's birthday is so close to Christmas.  I like to do something special in the middle of the year for him.  We only started doing this when he was five and a half, but he loves it and counts down the days.
When he was 5 1/2 he had been wanting an ipod like his dad.  He got a shuffle. 

When he was 6 1/2, we just happened to be at the beach for Ryan and Casey's wedding.  Dad took him parasailing.  He said he wanted to do that for every half birthday☺

This year, we made tie-dye shirts with some friends.  He has been asking to do this for a while now.
Kim was a bit overdressed compared to the rest of us☺
Tie-dye tip:  Make sure you have enough gloves for each person.  It doesn't work to share. 

Trent got Logan an awesome gift for his half birthday...
They went to the Dollar Tree and bought several things and cut them in half.  Logan thought it was the funniest gift!!

He got half of a slinky, half of a pair of sunglasses, half a set of handcuffs, half candy bars...etc.  It was really thoughtful!