Fall Break Beach Trip

For fall break this year we planned a last minute trip to the beach.  In fact, we didn't know where we were staying until the day before we left.
It was REALLY windy the first day we were there.  They almost lost their boogie boards and had to run them down a few times. 

The next day Brandon, Rebecca, Trent, Ella, and Suzanne joined us.  This was the first time since Ella was six months old that she has been to the beach.  She was so excited.
Landon started feeding the birds our leftovers from our lunch.  He then started throwing it under Rebecca's chair.  She was swarmed with birds.  It was comical.  She wasn't amused.  haha.

Suzanne caught a squid and got inked.

On the last day, the water was the clearest it had been.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  
We bought two boats at Dollar General.  It was hours of entertainment.
We had a sand castle building competition.  It was Landon and Lucas against the rest.  This was Landon and Lucas'.  Ours wasn't going so well so we knocked it down and Rebecca said she wanted to do a sculpture instead.  We made a big butt.  hahaha.   
It was difficult to get the cheeks symmetrical.  

Suzanne took some family pics.  Landon was done as soon as we walked out on the beach.

We went to see a lighthouse on the way out.  We got to climb to the top.  It was a workout!
We made it!