Lucas' 7th Birthday

I had the hardest time planning when to have Lucas' birthday this year because of fall break. Many of his friends that he wanted to come to his party were out of town for two weekends, so his party ended up being a little over two weeks after his actual birthday.  I love that his birthday is in the fall instead of December like Logan's.  The weather is perfect for an outside party, well usually.

Lucas loves birthday parties and looks forward to his all year long.  I also love planning parties.  I love everything about them.  I look forward to making each child feel special by planning the theme that they choose.  That's a whole other topic for Lucas this year.  He kept changing his mind on what kind of party he wanted.  He changed from an army party, then an IU party, then a Duck Dynasty party (one I was pushing for), then we finally settled on a Batman/Superhero theme.  
This was Lucas' art work that I used to decorate the tables.  He's my little artist.  He loves to color, draw, and paint.
I love this picture made from these photos.  That was an adventurous day.
Vickie Brady can always make cute cookies even if I call her the day before.

The kids (parents) carved superhero pumpkins.  We hadn't had a chance to carve our pumpkin yet for the year so we made it part of the party.
Some kids opted for painting their pumpkin instead of carving it.  Lucas painted a Batman logo on his pumpkin.
I got a special template for Sara.  She loves Snow White and I found a template just for her.  It looked great!
Lucas loves pinatas.  Well, he actually loves candy.  He talked his dad into getting him one.  Since this was last minute we didn't have time to find a superhero one.  
And the mad dash to the candy!
I accidentally got trick candles.
Here's the part of every party where I freak out and get claustrophobic.  The hovering children around the child opening presents.  I have a bubble where I need personal space and kids don't seem to grasp this concept.  haha.  My kids gather around the birthday child too, but it makes me want wig out.

We had some fireworks that we bought on sale after the 4th of July.  We were planning on setting them off at a family get-together, but we never did.  So, Landon set off fireworks at Lucas' party.  I'm sure we scared the neighbors.
We ended the night with sparklers...and several burns.  Yep, come to our parties at your own risk.