stink be gone

This may seem like an odd post on a peculiar topic, and I hope this doesn't make you think I'm a complete weirdo.  In my mid twenties, I began to have an issue that I hadn't had before.  My deodorant would suddenly stop working without warning....kind of funny, but not.  haha.  So, periodically, I have to change deodorants because my body gets used to it and it no longer works.  Then I have to change brands to eliminate B.O.  Sometimes it takes a few tries which leads to a rash.  Fun times.

On Easter Sunday this happened to me.  My trusty ole' Dove Fresh decided she was finished for a while.  Even if I had felt like raising my hands at church that particular Sunday morning, there was NO way that was going to happen.  After church, I stopped by Walgreens and bought some new deodorant to remedy this problem immediately.  I felt a little awkward when I checked out because that is all that I had...FIVE different kinds of deodorant.  I looked at the young girl checking me out and I told her that I wasn't a freak.  I felt like I needed to explain myself, but I spared her the details and tried to check out as discretely as possible.

The second attempt was a new kind that I wanted to share.  I haven't ever heard of this particular kind of deodorant before.  This was recommended by a friend and it is AWESOME!  It is different that any I have ever tried.

You have to wet a wash cloth and rub on top of the crystal before applying.  It is truly odorless, and leaves me odorless too!  I'm sure this may wear out for me eventually, but for now, I'm so glad I found one that works.  hahaha.  I'm sure everyone around me is too.