Why I Went to Chick-Fil-A Today

There has been much discussion on this topic over the last few days.  I know this post won't make me many friends because to some it is considered offensive, intolerant, and hate-filled.  I have thought about it all day and feel compelled to share my thoughts.  I normally don't jump on bandwagons like this because I feel they are pointless. 

I waited in line for over an hour today at Chick-Fil-A with Lane crying for most of the wait.  It was just the two of us, and I was taking food back to Landon and the boys.  On a normal day, I would have just gotten food at the fastest place to just get out of the vehicle, but today was different.  I stayed in the long line to make a stand, and to show support for a family who stood up for truth and got completely slammed for sharing their personal beliefs.

How true is this??  Why would anyone be surprised at how the would view this issue?
The question everyone must ask regarding not only this issue, but every issue is whether we believe the bible to be truth or not.  Do you believe that it is just made-up fairy tales and fables that you can pick and choose what you want to follow?  If the entire bible is your measure of truth, then do you even know what it says...in context?  For so long, I just knew bits and pieces of scripture pulled out for a lesson or a sermon.  It has changed my life to study the word for myself and not have to be spoon fed from others.  Scripture doesn't contradict scripture and so many people are quick to quote Matthew 7:1, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."  However, Jesus also tells us a few chapters later in Matthew 18 how to confront believers gently who have fallen into sin for the purpose of repentance and restoration. 

For unbelievers, in John 8, Jesus defends an adulterous woman who is about to be stoned for her immoral lifestyle.  He stands up for her and says, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”  Of course, they couldn't throw a stone at her because "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."  The only One who was without sin did not cast the first stone. Jesus wanted them to see that their sin, too, wasn't acceptable to Him.  Many stop there and miss what Jesus said to her next.  He showed mercy but did not approve of her actions.  He said, "go now and leave your life of sin."  He treated her with love when everyone else wanted to kill her, but He did not condone her lifestyle and told her to leave the immorality. 

I could really go on and on about this, but what I really want to say is that I do not hate anyone who chooses this lifestyle or anyone who accepts it.  I don't agree, but it doesn't mean that I "hate" anyone for this reason.  Actually, I have many classmates from high school, college, former students, and other acquaintances that I love dearly who are homosexuals.  I pray for them regularly because I love them and would love to see them restored.  Just because a person disagrees with someone else's choices doesn't mean they hate them.  Also, I know that I am far from perfect and have to confess to God ALL the time where I fall short.  This isn't an area where I struggle, but I have many others. 

So, today, I waited in a very long line to support someone who stood on biblical principals regarding marriage.  I did not wait in line to say, "I hate homosexuals." Nor did I wait in line to "shove a chicken sandwich in the face of my enemies," as I read in one article.  So, for people to assume that everyone who supported Chick-Fil-A today did so out of hatred, you can't know the intensions of everyone's heart. 

For those who are struggling not only in this area but others, there is hope.  Jesus is the way.   

If you would like to comment, please be kind.


  1. "shove a chicken sandwich in the face of my enemies," Oh, this made my day. It's not often I see you post something with such a controversial origin to it. You stood up for something. Good for you. What I honestly don't get is why people just don't let it go. So what if the owners don't agree with a homosexual lifestyle? If they did then they wouldn't be the tradition nuclear USA family. The internet is a playground for hate and extreme opinion. I don't agree with a lot in the Bible, doesn't mean I hate it. I don't in the least. I love everyone that I am close to. Even those who made an impact in my life, but aren't around as much. You once asked me why I wasn't a christian and why I didn't go to church. You didn't ask to look good for the Lord, but because you have compassion and love for those you care about. That is what a true christian is and I love you for it. There is a special place in my heart for you, and that's where you'll stay. If more people learned to let other just be, then the world would be better for it. I find peace in my knowledge and spirituality. I don't care what others believe. If they're happy then what's the big deal? You stand up for what you believe, Terri, and don't let anyone tear you down.
    ~Casey Patat
    I had something so much better written earlier and it disappeared. This will have to do. Also, I'm reblogging this.

  2. I love this Terri! This is exactly how we feel about biblical principals as well! Thank you for posting! P. S. All 4 of my family members were there as well today! :)
    Wendy Parker

  3. I love this post not only because I agree with you, but because of how you said it! You didn't just rant and throw out your opinions, you backed up your opinions and views with scripture! This was well written and was presented with love! I appreciate your boldness!
    Oh and I liked Casey's response!

  4. I love your post as well!! I went to CFA for lunch as well, the wait was not bad but I helped support others with the same belief as mine. I so wanted to ask everyone who keeps complaining "how do you think the Jesus chicken store is going to beleive????" You just can't pick and choose what you beleive and like in the Bible, it is all or nothing!!! Thanks!!

  5. thanks for standing for the truth in a way shows your love for people and honors God. you have no idea how personally this issue hits home for me right now as my church is trying to lovingly restore a worship leader. we are being labeled as "judging." it's such a tough situation. but we gotta love truth AND people. loved your words.

  6. Praise the Lord! FOR THE CHIC~FIL~A OWNER of the restaurant ~ It is an EXCELLENT place to get a meal ~ and the FOOD is SOOO GOOD ~ It seems like Americans are losing their FREEDOM!!!!!!! TO BE AMERICANS! and Christians must honour THE HOLY BIBLE KJV that our country was founded on for JESUS IS LORD! AND we are to FOLLOW HIM by living AS THE WORDS IN THE BIBLE INSTRUCTS US TO LIVE (AND BE A LIGHT! to ALL! ~ leading them to BELIeVE!!! GOD'S WORD AND DOING! HIS WILL! as a WITNESS OF HIS LOVE!~ FOLLOW ME ~ JESUS SAID(means BE FISHERS OF MEN! We are to try to get people saved! for their HAPPINESS and because we are on this earth for the same reason Jesus came!~~TO DO WHAT GOD SAYS IS "RIGHT" not what some people who don't believe say is right(Jesus loved the sinner and died on Calvary that they may be saved!~HE LOVES THE SINNER & HE LOVES THE SAVED! (((((((THE ANSWER IS JESUS! FOR HE IS LOVE!`and GOD IS ABLE TO BLESS AMERICA ~ when we do what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says~~WHAT IS RIGHT IS RIGHT & GOD DON'T CHANGE ~ GOD BLESS AMERICA ~ (home of the BRAVE ~ land of the FREE is my prayer dear Lord ~Let it be~ Jean Lewis on TWITTER & fACEBOOK