100th Day of School

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Lucas' 100th day of school.  My mom got him 100 balloons like she did for Logan when he was in Kindergarten.  He was so excited and they all had fun playing with them.  I just wish they could have lasted a little longer☺

It took a while to separate them all.

The 101st day.

Lane got all tangled up in the strings and when he crawled he had a train of balloons following him.  He looked like a peacock.
Memory Lane:

FIAR: Katy and the Big Snow & Snow Fun

This book is about Katy, the snow plow, who saves the day when the entire town is covered with a HUGE snow.  We also did a Winter Unit study by Amanda Bennett to go along with this book.

The week we studied this book started out with warm weather with no snow in sight.  I was really hoping for snow as we read this book, and at in the middle of the the end of the week the forecast changed and it snowed!  I couldn't have planned it any better myself.

As I was preparing for activities for this week's study, I had pinned several things on my Pinterest board.   It wasn't long after that I got a text from Julie for an offer to let me have some snowflake templates.  I didn't even have to ask!  haha.  We learned about Snowflake Bentley and made some snowflakes ourselves.
We also made some Star Wars snowflakes from some free templates I found online.  These were much harder to make! 

We learned about how snow is formed and how it doesn't take much water to form a snowflake.  Then we did an experiment.
  They have been waiting to try out their snowball makers we ordered last year.  There wasn't enough snow to use them this day either.
We made some snow globes.
We made some gum drop snowflakes.  I had some leftovers from Christmas I wanted to get rid of and this was a good project to use them for. 
In our unit study, we talked about birds and it was suggested to make a bird house of some sort.  We painted some instead.  They loved this!
Lucas came up with his design and painted all by himself.  He is my little artist.
I wanted to take the boys to see a snow plow so I called my brother-in-law to ask for his assistance since he works for the city.  We don't have a snow plow like the one in the book, but they boys got to see some of the equipment that we do have.
They got to see how large stop lights are actually.  They don't look this large from the ground!
The next day, we got even more snow!   We had fun playing in the snow with Landon too. 
There was enough snow to try out their snow ball makers!
We went to our old house to sled with the Grenz's because we don't have hills anymore. 
Paige is giving Landon an extra workout.


365 Photo Project: February Photos

Real, actual snow.
Indiana played a big game, so I made some festive goodies.
Heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Logan is helping Lucas work on phonics for school.
Our first day of Co-op for the Spring semester.  I was so excited to have 4-H as a class!  I loved 4-H in school so I am glad my kids will get to participate. 
Yummy strawberry fudge
The boys thought this was funny that Lane had the play station controller.
Decorating a giant cookie for one of our Valentine's crafts.
Lucas at Upward defending Elijah.
Craft time at Awana.
Giant Rice Krispy Hershey Kisses.
We made homemade ice cream at Co-op.  Marissa was letting Lane try some.  I seriously need to buy my own ice cream maker.  It was SOOO good.
Logan's first day of piano lessons.  I was so excited!! 
The homeschool group went to Lifecare to deliver Valentine's to the residents.
I love this photo!
...and this one too.  Michaela at Toot Sweet Boutique made these. 
We were packed and ready to go on a ski trip.  However, the night before we went, Lucas got a stomach virus and gave it to me and Landon.  We ended up having to cancel our trip.  It was a bummer.
Lane was dancing to Landon playing the guitar.  It was so cute!
We got Lucas a cello!  I told both boys that they were going to start taking lessons and they needed to pick an instrument.  When we studied Italy, we learned about Vivaldi and stringed instruments.  We watched some videos of some performances and Lucas liked the cello.  I wanted Logan to play the violin, but he wanted to play the piano.  They were both fine with me!
My sweet baby is ONE year old!!
I made this shirt for Lane's Hungry Caterpillar party.  I just love how it turned out.
I wanted to do a cheaper birthday party so I decided to made the cake.  Rebecca gave me some tips on making the cake better, and she told me how to make her icing.
Party time!
The two Lucas' at church.
For Lucas' 100th day of school, mom got him 100 balloons.  They had fun playing with them!
Co-op Art class.  We were learning about abstract art. 
Lucas at cello lessons.
This was inspired by a Youtube video: Gallon Smashing Prank (thanks Taylor and Mackenzie).  They thought was hilarious.  We had some milk that was out of date so they asked if they could try it outside.