Back to School

I always look forward to getting started back to school.  I would actually start earlier than we do, but Landon wants for us to start when our school system starts.  My boys weren't quite as eager, but we have had a good start to the new year. 

This was our first day back:
It works better if you stick your tongue out to build a number. 
We love our Usborne Wrap-ups.  We use them for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division.
I love our new Bible curriculum.  Logan said it was his favorite subject because he was good at it.  That thrilled me to hear!
 And Lane...he's a stinker.  This sweet little guy makes teaching a challenge.
We love to read on our porch.
Last Friday, I took some back to school pictures of the boys.  Note to self...check the weather before you set up outside for pictures!!!!!  It came a monsoon as we were wrapping up.
 Lane also started school!!  I called last year for him to be enrolled in Pre-School at First Steps but they were full.  He was put on the waiting list, and we got a call that there was going to be an opening after all!  I was excited!  This will allow us to do school a little easier and give him some time to play with some other kids his age.
Gummies always make it better!


Chattanooga Aquarium

My mom changed jobs and in between the two jobs, she had a day off.  She wanted to do something fun with the boys.  Our plans were to go to Lake Winnie, but there was a chance of rain.  We decided to go to the Chattanooga Aquarium.  Lucas hasn't been there in several years and I doubt he even remembers the times he went because he was so small.  I always love to go!
 Could he smile any bigger?  He was excited to see some piranhas. 
Lane was dancing to the fiddler's music.
I love the butterfly garden!!
A picture of all three of them was not happening this day...