Corn Maze

Rachel's Baptism

 We are so incredibly proud and thrilled for Rachel in this life changing and eternal decision!  

Fall Break in Colonial Williamsburg

I was so thrilled to get to go on this trip for fall break!  I have been wanting to go to Williamsburg, VA since Logan was in first grade.  We had watched a few videos and when I saw that people here dress in clothing of the time period, I couldn't wait to go and see it for myself.  It definitely did not disappoint.  It was the perfect trip for the fall, and I can see why some go back every year!

 Checking out war plans.

Our day at the Jamestown Settlement.  We were so thrilled to run into some dear friends while in Williamsburg.  We even stayed at the same place!  The boys were very happy to have their friends to hang out with for a while on this trip.  It was such a pleasant surprise!

On the way home, we stopped by Monticello to take a tour of Thomas Jefferson's home.  It was totally worth it!