366 Project: March Pictures

Amber Weatherly made this adorable hat for Lane.  I love it!
This was an anxiety filled day.  There were chances of tornados all day, so we spent the day downstairs in the basement. 
I love little baby gowns.  It always makes me sad when they are outgrown.
Lane's first time at church.  He slept the whole time.
Lane and Leona Wagner, the midwife that delivered him.
We went to visit Della Mae.  She just loved holding Lane.
We got a new swing today and he loves it!
Lucas' favorite restaurant...Chili's.  He was glad his corn had two sticks this time. 
Reading Narnia.

We were kicked out of our bed this morning.

Getting ready for baseball season.  I am so glad Landon practices with them because I have no clue.  One year of t-ball was enough for me.

The boys built a fort on their bed.  Lucas wanted to keep it forever.

I love this picture.  Lane loves Logan.  There have been a couple of times where Lane has been crying and I couldn't get him to stop but Logan could.  He is pretty special!  Landon calls Logan the "Baby Whisperer"

Lane trying out the crib for the first time for an afternoon nap.  For now, Lane has been sleeping in our room.  Hopefully, the crib will be a permanent place of sleeping soon.

The time Landon loves more than any other...NCAA Tournaments.  Logan and Lucas also filled out brackets, and as always Landon picked IU to win it all. 

This is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever!  Suzanne got these adorable shirts for them and I couldn't wait to get their pictures made in them.  I love how even Lane has his hand up too☺

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Mrs. Lego Mermaid in the Jell-O.

I had my check up at the Birth Center and I made these lemon cupcakes for everyone as a thank you for the wonderful experience I had there.  Rebecca made some lemon cupcakes that were YUMMO and she told me how to make them.  My kitchen looked like an explosion went off.  There was powdered sugar everywhere.  They were really good though!!

My sweet baby is one month old today.  It's been a great month!

Landon took the day off today to spend with the family.  We went bowling and I beat Landon!!  I only say that because he beats me at everything.  I was thrilled.  ☺

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Nixon for planting twenty dogwoods for us to enjoy!

He said he was afraid of the light.

My sweet boys picked me flowers.

Logan was baptized...such a wonderful blessing to witness.

We love all the trees in the yard but they create lots of work between the leaves and sticks.  Also my Granny is afraid for the boys to play in the yard because a branch could fall on their head.  She is a worry wart☺

He told me these are his wings.

I could eat him up!

This is what Lucas would do all day if I let him.

Playing a family favorite...Euchre.

Our nightly routine.


Step Into the Water

This last Sunday, we were able to witness one of the most rewarding things for a parent.  Our oldest son, Logan, was baptized. 

This has been a process in the works for at least two years now.  We have talked with our pastor on more than one occasion about it.  I decided that I wasn't going to bring it up anymore with him and just pray for him instead.  I wanted to wait on him to bring it up rather than me initiating it or him feeling any pressure from me. 

The week before Lane was born, he brought it up and told me he wanted to be baptized.  Of course I was thrilled but it was a busy time.  We had several discussions and a few meetings with Bro. Jerry in the weeks to come.  I have no doubts that Logan's decision is real, but only God knows the heart fully.  Even as a small child, Logan has had a tender heart for God.  I can't wait to see how God is going to grow him and use him.  I pray that Logan will be fully obedient to His will and follow Him always.

Bailey Kelsey was also baptized on the same day.  I just love her!  She is a precious little girl. 
One proud mom!
Bailey with her grandmother, Ruthie.
Prayer with the baptismal committee.

This picture is precious to me.  It reminds me of the song we used to sing in choir often..."Step into the Water."

We are all so proud of Logan!  Now we are praying for the other two.


St. Patrick's Day

Logan has looked forward to St. Patrick's Day for weeks.  He loved the green meal we had last year and wanted to do it again.
It was similar to last year, but I added a few more things for this meal.  We had green eggs, toast with green sprinkles, green grapes, green apples, chips and spinach artichoke dip, green Twizzlers, and mint chocolate chip shakes.  It was quite a hodge podge of a meal and Landon didn't particularly like that there was no meat.  haha.

Rebecca made some fabulous cupcakes for us all too.  She needs to open a bakery!  They are heavenly.

Lane celebrated the holiday with his clover pacifier...