Lucas' Carnival Party

I am behind.  Lucas' birthday was on the 12th, but because we had been out of town and Landon was out of town the following weekend, we had his party last week.  It was one of the best parties yet, thanks to Pinterest, my new favorite website.  I got lots of my ideas from there and it was fun for kids of all ages. 

I was a bit of a slacker with the invitations.  I had them all printed, but very few actually got one.  They just didn't make it to the post office to be delivered.   

The party started off with each child getting a card to be punched when each activity was completed. 

I think Lucas liked the Grand Prize Game the best.  Does anyone remember the "Bozo Show"?  I used to love that show as a child. 

Guess how many candy corn??

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to have the sack race go down hill.  Many people fell including Lucas.  He is a bit of a sore loser, so he had a complete meltdown when he fell and didn't win.  

Once everyone got their cards punched by completing all the activities, they got to select prizes in order of the winners of the games.  I would like to extend a special thanks to those who helped run the games:  Michael and Alyx Dickerson (sack race), Rebecca Young (clothespin drop), Trish Frasier (ladder toss), Mike and Suzanne Dickerson (photo booth), Mackenzie McCulley (Grand Prize Game), Beverly Price (guess how many candy corn), and Shauna Price (rope course)!!  I appreciate your help!!!

 Presents time!!  Lucas was giddy while he was opening his presents.  He made a birthday list one morning and he took the list to church and asked several people to buy him specific things on the list.  I was mortified!!  We had a long talk about that!  haha.  He knew immediately which one was from Julie's family because she got him exactly what he asked her to get.  
I have never seen a child love money so much.  Grandpa gave him some and he was thrilled. 

The parents were the funny part of the picture. 

The caramel apples were easier to make than I expected!  They were delicious and we will definitely make them again. 

As we were gathering around to sing "Happy Birthday" Lucas told everyone it was time to sing to him.   He can be quite a ham.

He wanted to eat the elephant's butt...that's my child☺

Thanks for videoing, Michael!!

The kids got goldfish to take home.  I know the parents just loved that gift. 

They also received a CD with Lucas' favorite songs:
Catch-a-Fire (Whoopsie Daisy)-Toby Mac
 Tonight-Toby Mac
LoudNclear-Toby Mac
Hey Devil-Toby Mac
Captured-Toby Mac
Lose My Soul-Toby Mac
Get Back Up-Toby Mac
The Slam-Toby Mac
Our God-Chris Tomlin
The Wake Up Song-Lisa Loeb
Freight Train-Noble Sissle's Swingles
Shortnin Bread-The Mudcakes
Say Hey!-Michael Franti and Spearhead
Star Wars (theme song)

I just love birthday parties.  I enjoy making each child feel special on their day.  All of the time hand making bunting, making birthday signs, putting together games, planning, and money is worth it to see the joy on their faces.  After the party was over he said he wanted to have the same party next year.  October is the best month to have a birthday!!