Christmas Video

For the last several years, we haven't celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family.  So this year, I decided to host.  We had a cookie exchange and decorating gathering.  I think I want to make that a yearly tradition from now on.

Lucas had flour all over himself...even in his eyebrows.

We also had a cookie exchange.


Pollard Family Christmas
This is what happens when Landon is in charge of taking pics.  He takes pics of my butt!!
What do you do when you get new pjs?  Change right then of course:)
Charlie's silly face is a big smile.  haha.


Ward Family Christmas


Christmas Eve at Home


Christmas Morning
Logan and Lucas bought each other gifts.  We each took them shopping.  I took Lucas and Landon took Logan and Lane.  Lucas was so excited and he knew exactly what he wanted to get each of them. 
Landon's gift is also a gift for me.  I got him preplanned dates, one for each month.  It will be an exciting year!

He knows me well.
This was a funny gift.  I dropped my computer recently and it was an expensive fix.  He got me a computer stand to avoid that from happening in the future.  

Helping dad make fudge.


Dickerson Family Christmas

Our Christmas Card this year.