Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been spending lots of time at the computer this last week.  I designed some Christmas Cards and put them in my etsy store not imagining I would sell this many.  I LOVE to receive Christmas cards, especially ones with photos on them.  I love to look at the color schemes, designs, and of course the photos.  I thought I would share the ones I have created this last week. 

It has been fun to communicate with people from all over through my etsy store.  Some people are so kind and I can tell we could be friends if we lived near each other☺  Some people are difficult and annoying and make me want to close my shop. 

Here are the templates that I created...

One design has been by far the most popular.  I am getting a little sick of looking at it.  haha.  Here are ones from people all over the country...even some from Australia, Canada, and Sweden.  Some photos people use make me want to go to their house and ask if I can take some for them.  Also, some requests people make to change the design, I don't particularly care for.  I've also been asked to make a Hanukkah card and to put scriptures in the correct way...King James Version (I'm not going to get into this one). 

This one is one of my favorites!!

This little girl is all the way from Sweden.
(Per request)

Doesn't this one make your heart melt???  I'm seriously in love with this one!


I guess it's time I start thinking about making my own.  I don't even have pictures made yet. 


My mother-in-law is running a special right now for these Christmas Cards.  The first twenty people that make an appointment with her get twenty free cards.  Suzanne Dickerson 931-510-4869.