Five in a Row

Here is our journey through a literature based unit study by Jane Claire Lambert called Five in a Row(FIAR).  Tabitha Merritt introduced me to this program when Logan was in Kindergarten.  We did many of the books, but I didn't do as many activities that I have the second time around.  Logan asked why I didn't do all of this when he was in Kindergarten?  It wasn't intentional, I just wasn't really aware of all that could be done.  You live and learn☺ 

I have always loved books, especially children's books.  I love the illustrations and whimsical themes.  I also love doing projects and unit studies, so this is a perfect fit.  It is exciting to me to take a book and see what all you can learn in different subjects.  This is a cross-curriculum type study and allows us to create wonderful memories for our family.  Lucas has a rather short attention span, so reading a book five days in a row is really good for him.  We have the books forever ingrained.

Volume 1:
Night of the Moonjellies
The Story About Ping & China
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
Madeline & France
Storm in the Night & Weather
Rag Coat
The Glorious Flight
Cranberry Thanksgiving
Papa Piccolo & Italy
Clown of God
Katy and the Big Snow
Another Celebrated Dancing Bear
The Last Very First Time

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