Indiana University Basketball Camps

This year we took Logan and Lucas to basketball camps at Indiana University again.  Logan's was first.  It was a four day camp that was intense.  Lucas' camp was a few weeks later and shorter.   I love going to watch them both play at these camps!  It is a highlight of the summer!
He hates road trips!  Too bad it's about a five and a half hour drive.

I asked Landon if he would have been nervous Bobby Knight watched him play when he was a kid at camp.  Logan didn't seem to mind that Coach Crean was there watching his team play.

At the end of each day, the players did some drills for the campers.

Day 2:
They took turns keeping scores for the games.
It wore Lucas out!

Day 3:

Day 4:

On the last day, they got to get autographs from the coaches and players.  This is Landon's favorite part!  
I love Lucas' face in this one!

Lane is giving Yogi Ferrell a fist bump.

Lucas' Camp: Little Hoosier Day Camp
This guy got the hustle award!  We were so proud!

Lane watching big bro play.

Awards Time

These three have no choice but to be Hoosier fans.