North Pole Extravaganza

Tonight was a magical evening.  We had a small Christmas party at our home that I was giddy about.  It was a spur of the moment party that I decided to have on Sunday night.  I have been working like an elf all week along with other moms to create a night the kids wouldn't forget.  I think it was a success!! 

Here are some of the decorations taken during the day before the party guests arrived. 
Landon came up with the little rhymes.  He is much more creative with words than I am☺

Party Time!!!  The kids are all waiting anxiously at the door to come in as we were doing the last minute touches.  It was even more magical with the candles lit.

It was finally time for the kids to come in.  These pictures are terrible, but I had to post them to show their excitement. 
They were so excited!
Rebecca got some "too cute to eat" cupcakes!

We made handprint Christmas trees on canvases.  They all turned out really cute.

Julie came up with the idea for the cute Rudolph and Clarice ornaments. 
Look at her snowman pin.  So festive!

Next on the agenda: making gingerbread houses.  This didn't go so well...many collapsed.  It was rather amuzing though!!
Within a few minutes, things began to crumble.
Jamie's first...
then Tricia's...
...then Troy's.  All of the kids thought it was hysterical.

We then had a special guest come to the door. 
This was priceless!  The squeals, jumps, and sighs were precious!  Each child got to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. 

Lucas asked for a Star Wars Death Star Lego set.  It costs $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I'm not sure if Santa will pull that off. 

We ended the magical night with Santa reading to the children Twas the Night Before Christmas.

This party was inspired by my favorite blogger I read on Sunday evening.  I fell in love with the idea and decided I had to do one for my kids as well.  She is so creative and inspiring.  Check out her party here.


  1. How cute!!! And it looks like so much fun :) Looks just like Kelle's too :)

  2. Found your blog on Pinterest. This is SO Cute :) I was wondering if it is okay if I 'barrow' your Reindeer Food Bar idea and sayings? Again such a cute party!!!

    1. Of course! I borrowed the idea from another blog myself, but I had to have my husband come up with a few.

    2. Thank you SO MUCH! I will link back to your post when I publish the party :)