Weekend Family Getaway

For Christmas this year, Landon's parents took us all to Pigeon Forge over New Years.  No matter how many times I have been there, I always look forward to going.  This time was no exception.  I just love seeing the beautiful mountains and the Christmas decorations! 
I just love the whimsical trees!

One of my favorite stores to buy an ornament...

While I was in there, Landon took the boys to feed the ducks. 
Lucas just chased them all away each time they came near.
They boys decided to draw in the dirt with a stick.  His dad was so proud:)

The first morning we were there, Landon and I decided we were going to go for a jog.  We jogged on the sidewalks where there was some construction.  At the intersection where we made a turn, it was really muddy.  In an effort to save my shoes from being caked with mud, I hopped up onto a little concrete divider.  In the process of trying to avoid the mud, I slipped and completely wiped out in the mud.  I am sure I gave everyone at the intersection a good laugh.  It's a good thing I didn't injure myself.  My goal was legit for the 5K because I am really clumsy.  Julie said she would pay to have that on video. 

In the park, there was a little snow left.  Lucas ate some...
Logan is quite the little photographer. 
Thank you random Italian lady for taking our picture!

The sweet potato cakes were amazing at Huck Finn's. 

Ringing in the New Year...

Mamaw bought Lucas these little plastic animals and he quickly became attatched.

They were also entertainment for the adults as well.  They can make a game out of anything.  Who can stack the animals?
Mike had to give it a try too...
But, when he put his hands up for a victory cheer, they all fell down. 

This picture of Michael almost made me pee my pants. 

Thanks Mike and Suzanne for a great weekend!


  1. Awesome weekend and awesome blog....what a blast, and you're looking good baby!

  2. Great post!!! It looked so fun! How fun to have such fun times with family! We are both so lucky and blessed! I would pay for sure to have seen that fall!!!

  3. Oh! And is it just me or is Logan looking so big?!? In the duck pictures with his shoes especially!!!