Earlier in the week, Landon told me he didn't have an auction on Saturday.  I was looking forward to having a wonderful family day with no ballgames or obligations to be anywhere.  My dad was also here to spend the day with us and it was a beautiful fall day. 

That evening, we sat down to carve our pumpkins.  It didn't go exactly as I envisioned in my head, however.  Not everyone was feeling my fall excitement.  At one point, I was sitting outside by myself listening to the Children's Halloween Pandora station I created just for the event.  I looked around and wondered where everyone had gone.  I told Logan and Lucas to get out here because, dang it, we were having fun!!  haha.  I think our pumpkins turned out well and they were proud of them. 
We ended the night with watching a classic...It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  They wanted to make a leaf pile, especially after watching the movie.  We have no shortage of leaves!!! 

Halloween Supper (inspired by pinterest)

Trick or Treat.....

For the third year in a row, the boys were Star Wars characters.  Even Landon dressed up this year.  It was a freaky costume!!!  He really scared me when he came downstairs wearing it the first time.  The boys loved it!!
Logan liked his costume because he didn't have to smile for pictures.  ☺
All bad guys.
This picture made me laugh all night.  It's just wrong.

We stopped by Mamaw's studio for some quick pics...

Then, to Granny's house with our creepy driver...

It was Nana's idea!  Here's the proof...

I just love my family!!


  1. Oh, that's great! I love the picture with Landon behind Della Mae too :) And the look on your Granny's face! HA!!! :) Love the hamburgers too. I usually make Mummy Dogs (with crescent rolls and hot dogs).

  2. Great share....love the pics as usual! The capture of falling leaves around the boys is wonderful.

  3. OH wow. I love the pictures with Granny. She is just the best.