Yarn Wreath

At craft night at church a few weeks ago, Ashley Brandes worked on some wreaths for her project.  She made one that she found on Pinterest and I loved it so much I decided to make my own. 

It was very easy to make, but it was a bit time consuming.  I recommend getting a foam form to wrap.  I got mine from Hobby Lobby made of straw.  When Ashley made hers, she unwrapped it, and it was messy and showed through the wrapped yarn a little.  I decided to leave the plastic on mine because it is going to be covered up anyway.  I suggest a foam one instead to avoid this problem and it will be smoother.  Wrap the yarn TIGHTLY and it is okay to overlap.  I tried to make mine a single wrap and it showed a little of the form.  I had to wrap more in a few gaps later. 

The fall wreath that this was copied used contrasting colors wrapped wider around the form once your base color is completed.  I forgot to get the yarn to do this, but I like how mine turned out anyway.  If I did another one, I would do this though.  Here is the link to some more beautiful fall wreaths...

I used this tutorial I found from Pinterest on how to make the felt flowers.  They were really easy to make.

Once you make the flowers, simply hot glue them down to the wreath.  Add some berries for some more texture.  Hang some ribbon to attach to your wreath hanger and VOILA...

It makes me smile☺

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