Summer Activity Group Week 6: Melted Crayon Art

This week's project was a bit involved and I think had all the moms stressed a bit.  I know I was anyway.  We did crayon art on canvas.  Everyone did theirs differently and I thougth the end results were creative and works of art☺ 

I forgot my card in my camera this morning and had to use my cell phone for all the pictures.  I was really annoyed, but sometimes it's just a miracle I make it where I'm supposed to be. 

There were two ways that the kids made these.  One way was to hot glue crayons along the top of the canvas and melt them with a dripping effect.
I cut out letters with my silouette for those who wanted their names on them.  They didn't all turn out the best because it melted under the vinyl.  You really need to make sure the sticker is down well and press over all the edges.

We used LOTS of crayons!!!  Good thing they were on sale!

Once the crayons were glued down, the moms melted them.  Amanda Randolph tried this last week and she didn't like how it looked with the hair dryer.  She brought a heat gun and it worked well.  Several used hair dryers and got a similar effect.  We actually blew a fuse at church because we were using so many hair dryers.  oops.
Amber made lots!

The other way some did the projects was with melted crayon dots.  We first drew out a simple outline then let them "dot it up."  This was rather tedious and some of the kids lost interest before it was finished.  I love how they turned out though.
Lucas wanted a Batman symbol. 
Logan picked an IU symbol.

We learned a few things that made this work better.  Only put the crayon in the candle for about two seconds and make two dots with it.  If you leave the crayon in the candle too long, the crayon will drip into the candle and make your light burn out.  It was also easy to drip on other parts of the canvas.

Lucas was so proud of his.  We are going to do more on the background.

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  1. I am wanting to do this for my 3 little ones and I wanted to know what did you use to put their names on the canvases? I want to do calligraphy letters so I can't just use tape whatever you used looks like what I need.