White (After) Christmas

We went to Indiana for Landon's family get together a few days after Christmas.  They got lots of snow before we got there, but the roads were all clear and safe to travel.  It's funny to see the difference.  If we were to get that much snow, we would just shut down for days and panic.  While we were there it snowed another six inches or so.  The boys had a GREAT time playing in this much snow since they have only played in a few inches.  We only got one light dusting of snow last winter so it's been a while. 

 Noah trying out his new snow board.
These pictures make me laugh.  The boys were pelting Landon with snowballs.
Look how deep the snow is on Lucas.  He was having trouble walking.
They built a massive snowman.
Electonics have taken over.
The ladies gift exchange lasted almost two hours.  We stole from everyone!  There were some great gifts in the mix!  The men only took about twenty minutes. 
 Landon's aunt Sara loves Vera Bradley.  She has so many items that she decided to share with the family by having an auction for over 100 pieces.  It was AWESOME!
 It was a quick trip but I am glad we got to go!  I love Landon's family!

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  1. It's funny, seeing these pictures & recognizing the background of trees and hills as old friends. When we first got the "land" in 1988, one of my most happy times was being out there by myself with an axe and saw, making paths & trails. In my mind's eye, I could picture kids for years to come, playing and smiling as they enjoyed the woods. I could "see" the kids, but not their faces. Now, looking at these pictures, it is as if those old memories are coming into focus and now I know who the people are! It makes me smile just to see how much joy they are having. Oh, and by the way, I still can see other kids there as well without recognizing their faces yet. But, the time will come when they too will come into "focus" and bring even more joy to all of us. Uncle B