Amazing What a Piece of Fabric Can Do

I haven't felt like sewing or doing anything crafty for months.  This week, my anti-sewing mood has been lifted.  Julie and I made some superhero capes for our kids, and I thought they turned out really well.  However,  the best part was seeing the kids excitement about them.  It's amazing what a little bit of fabric can do to a child's imagination.  It was fun to watch their transformation as they put their capes on☺
My favorite of Aiden...I love how his cape is blowing in the wind:)

We also picked the worst possible time to go to Nashville to take these pictures.  The CMA Awards were being held downtown for this weekend and the traffic was horrid. 

This cracked me up.  Aiden said this car has a huge battery on it.  LOL!

Also, it was really hot.  Julie ended up buying a gallon jug of water because we were drinking so much.  We had no trouble drinking the entire thing, which lead to numerous potty breaks on the way home.  However, this was the first time I didn't hear complaints about taking pictures because they loved the capes so much!
Watch this sequence...
Then, of course, Lucas punches Logan in the stomach.


Then we went to the dragon park.  My mom used to take me here as a child and I always loved going.

I love this one.  It looks like she is saying, "I dare you to cross me!"

What this superhero does best.


  1. Oh my goodness- those are some cute kids!!! :)

  2. What a great day! I enjoy reading your blogs so much. It makes me feel like I have connected with a long lost friend (even though it is only one direction because probably prior to this response you never knew I read them). I love reading your Bible study summaries and reading about your children very much.

  3. These pictures are SO cute! :) I'm so glad you reposted. I only got to see like 4 pictures last time.