fourth of july

This year was a much different 4th of July than usual.  Ever since I met Landon way back in 1995, I have been going to Indiana for the 4th of July every summer.  There was only one year when I was in college that I couldn't go due to summer school.  We decided not to go this year since Logan's basketball camp was the week before with a few day gap until the fourth.  We didn't want to stay that long so we just decided to spend the holiday here in Sparta.  

This was the first time I have ever decorated any for the 4th of July.  It was exciting:)  

  I have wanted to make a flag or patriotic cake for years, but I am never at home.  It is hard to cook in someone else's kitchen, so I was very excited to make a flag cake!  I told my cousin, Michaela, of my excitement over the cake and she thought I was a dork. haha.

We had a small little cookout with some friends.  We set up a kickball croquet set.  
I am terrible at taking pictures when it is dark.

Homemade ice cream and cake!

It was a lovely evening!  I'm very thankful for our freedoms!

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