What's a mom to do?....All Boy!!!

When Lucas was a baby, he refused to take a pacifier.  I was worried he would start sucking his thumb instead, and my fears were soon realized.  It didn't take long to begin a habit that will not go away.

Not long after the thumb sucking began, Lucas began something else as well...
 That's my son...I am so proud...just kidding!!  I don't know where he learned this.  Landon or
Logan never do this, but it is a habit that we have yet to break. 
Totally unacceptable behavior from a super hero!!  ☺
Taking a little break in musical chairs at his party.

It can be a little embarrassing in public!!!!! 
This is at his Pre-school Graduation in front of lots of people.  No shame.

  I have tried to get Dr. Griffin to strike fear in him.  Also, Dr. Boston, especially for his teeth. 
No such luck.  I am sure braces are in our future.

So, if you ever see us, don't be alarmed.  It is a common occurrence, and I have tried everything
I know to do.  The pepper polish doesn't phase him. Suggestions are welcomed! ☺

I am sure Lucas will love this when he is older.


  1. Terri, Lexi sucked her thumb until Kindergarten! Her teeth are beautiful! They are just baby teeth. Hopefully, if he has good spacing, the adult teeth will be just fine. Though, she has never put her hand down her pants! lol She still has a terrible habit of putting things in her mouth. We were at the emergency room last night & they had put a Blood Pressure cuff on her arm. They left it on her arm. When we went to a bed, I took it off. She picked it up &, knowing what was about to happen, I said, "Don't even think about it!" We both laughed as she sat it down and I snatched it up to keep her from temptation! lol

  2. I remember the Graduation! He cried an awful lot, poor little guy. That's Jakie in the back row, green shirt. He will be "7" on the 20th!