Highs and Lows

I haven't felt inspired to blog anything much lately.  Since school started, we have been in a routine without anything interesting to share.  School this year has been really wonderful so far, and Logan  amazes me on a regular basis.  He is such a wonderful child, and I tell them both often that I am just so thankful that God allowed me to be their mom.  I am so glad I get to share everyday life with them both, and that I am the one who gets to see them learn new and challenging things.  We have spent hours on the front porch reading books over the last two weeks.  It has become a wonderful daily ritual that we all look forward to.  Here a few we have read over so far...

and currently reading...

Although school has been wonderful, this week has been difficult with an entirely different situation.  I have had to deal with some frustrations, disappointments, and some anger that has been quite consuming.  I don't know why I would be surprised, but God always puts people in your path that can say exactly the thing you need to hear.  The hard and difficult times are the areas where we grow the most.  They may not be fun in the moment, but Landon reminded me that the way I choose to react will reveal my true character. 

I wanted to share some encouraging words from scripture, books, and others that I have clung to and pondered this week.  You just never know how something you can say will affect others in a positive way:

In one of Logan's science books, we read about different animals and see some unique qualities that God created just for them.  We then look at videos of the animal in action on YouTube.  It can be quite disgusting, I admit, but Logan loves it!  Yesterday, we looked at an Ambush Bug.  At the end of the description, there is a short spiritual parallel in relation to something unique about the bug...I know...where are you going with this??  The spiritual application talked about how we aren't to ambush each other and not wait for opportunities to attack unfairly.  We are to handle problems the way Jesus would--fairly and with kindness.  The book then asks us to pray for God to show us how to love others the way He shows love toward us.  After I read this timely word for me, I looked at Logan and explained that no matter how others may hurt you--and you may have a valid reason to be hurt or be upset, we are called to love and show kindness the way Jesus did.  I guess I was a bit too passionate as I gave my own "mini-sermon" because he looked up at me and said, "Ok, Mom, but why did you tell me all of that?"  It made us both laugh.  I told him I just wanted to prepare him☺

This was a post on facebook by Lewis Carrick.  When I was scrolling quickly, this post stopped me in my tracks.  "Our fight is not with flesh and blood. Flesh is just a avenue the agents of Satan use to invade our lives. Through the physical the devil move people and nations to divide and to concur ultimately destroying lives, families, churches and communities. Like a hungry striving roaring loin he seeks to consume you. Stay on your guard be filled with the word of God having your mind renewed by the Holy Spirit. Stay near God he will be near you."

Two other words of encouragement were from today through blogs.  One was from my cousin, whom I am extremely proud.  She just finished a goal to read the entire bible through in a year.  (I Did It!)This post was applicable to me and I appreciate her sharing.  Shut Your Pie Hole.

This blog post moved me to tears because it once again reminded me of what Christ did for me when He was broken for us.  We are all broken, sinful people, yet while we were sinners, Christ died for us.  If I really ponder that thought, I stand in awe of how unworthy I am of His sacrifice. 

People may fail us and disappoint us, but I serve a mighty God who will never break a promise, tell a lie, or lead me in any way that isn't a part of His plan and for His ultimate glory.  I also know that I have also been one to fail and disappoint others.  I am thankful for His unfailing love and forgiveness where we all fall short. 

Sorry this was a bit heavy and perhaps depressing.  I am not trying to be dramatic, and I don't seek sympathy.  I just wanted to share in case someone else may need a word of encouragement as I did.  We all have highs and lows throughout life, and in the grand scheme of things the only thing that matters in the end is if I point people to Christ through my life.

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