Hot Air Balloon Clock

This is one of my favorite projects for the nursery.  I found a clock on etsy.com that I wanted to purchase for the nursery, but I thought I could make it much cheaper for myself.

Materials Needed:
-a record
-a cheap clock

Step 1:
Get your record ready to paint.  (Sorry, Dad...I used one from your collection.  I tried to pick one I hadn't heard of☺). 

Step 2:
Paint the record.  I just used acrylic paint and a foam brush.  It will take two-three coats of paint.

Step 3:
I didn't go in this order, but this is what you need to do.  Decorate your clock first before you put the hands on it.  I got hot glue strings in the hands of the clock and it messed it up.  So, I suggest you decorate your clock first, then attatch the hands.
Glue on your buttons or numbers. 
Since mine was a hot air balloon, I attatched bunting to match with the rest of the room.  It was made out of paper and sewn together.  I used a hot glue gun to attach it to the record.

Step 4:
Attach the hands to the clock.  I got a cheap clock from Dollar General to use for this project. 
Take it apart carefully without bending the hands.  They are delicate and if they get bent, they don't work properly.  I accidentally bent one and with the combination of the hot glue and the bent hand, I had to get another clock to make it work right.
Put hands together on your new clock.

Step 5:
I made the basket for the hot air balloon out of cardboard.  I glued several pieces together to make it heavier.  I attached it with twine and hot glue. 

Step 6:
Attach a hanger on the back and you're finished.


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