Lane's Birth

It's still a bit surreal.  I can't believe he's here and so wonderful.  We now have a family of FIVE!

At my appointment on Monday morning, the midwife said I was dilated to six already and we were going upstairs today to have a baby.  I will spare all the details, but I wasn't in labor at the time.  I had to have an IV with an antibiotic because I had tested positive for group b strep. 

I got the first antibiotic and then had to wait for four hours before the next one could be given.  We just went upstairs and hung out until I was naturally induced. 
My last day of being pregnant...very relieved.

The boys are SOO excited to meet their baby brother.

There was a rope in the birthing room.  I didn't use it, but we all had laughs about it.

After four hours from the first antibiotic, they gave me the second dose and then broke my water. 
Smiles soon went to intense pain!!  Thankfully it went quickly!

I decided to do a water birth this time.
I wasn't in the water long.  I only had two or three contractions before it was time to deliver.  It went really quickly at this point.  His shoulder got stuck, and there was a sense of panic all at once.  I could tell it on Landon's face.  I was on the verge of passing out when I was told they had to get me out of the water.  I ended up delivering standing up because the midwife couldn't get to him in the tub. 
He's here and healthy!
So relieved, so happy, and still trying to take it all in....

Meeting Lane for the first time wasn't any less exciting than meeting my first baby.  There's just nothing like it with all the anticipation, waiting, worry, and answered prayers right there in your arms.
It was love at first sight...

One proud daddy...

I couldn't wait for the boys to see him!

There were also many other anxious family members waiting to meet him...
Lane was born on his Papaw's birthday!

I am so glad he is taking a pacifier!  Lucas wouldn't ever take one, even though I tried every brand possible.  It is much easier to break a pacifier over a thumb!!

He's getting his first bath.

We only stayed twelve hours after delivery.  We left early on Tuesday morning. 

Ready to go home! 
Welcome Lane Turner Dickerson
Born on February 20, 2012
8 lbs 14 oz
5:21 p.m.

We are so thankful and extremely blessed.  We praise the Lord for answering our prayers for this beautiful gift. 

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  1. Terri, he's just beautiful!! So very happy for you guys:)