Basketball Camp at IU

This week has been a dream come true for IU basketball fans.  Landon signed Logan up for Coach Tom Crean's basketball camp several months ago and he has been counting down the days to go.  
Ready to go!!
Drills with Matt Roth.

Drills with Derek Elston.

They were divided up into teams within their age groups.  Logan was on the Badgers team and they had a tournament with the other teams.  This was his favorite part of camp.  There were lots of really good kids, but I thought Logan played well.
They all took turns keeping score.

In the afternoons, everyone met back in Assembly Hall and we watched the IU team do warm-ups and drills.  Landon was in heaven.  haha

Lucas at the end of the first day.

Landon and Logan stayed in the dorms and I drove back and forth from Landon's aunt and uncle's house with Lucas and Lane.
At dinner after the first day I asked him how he liked it.  He was ready to go back right then.  He was so anxious to go back the next day he laid out his clothes.

Landon and Logan with Calbert Cheaney.

Logan's age group mainly played in Cook Hall, their practice gym.  One afternoon, they got to play in Assembly Hall. 

Lucas wanted to know why some of the seats were blue because that is for Kentucky.  haha

This was after one of the days of camp on the way to dinner.

The last night, Lucas spent the night in the dorms with the big boys.  I am sure it wasn't the best night of sleep because they had to share a twin bed.  He was so excited to get to stay though.

We got to meet all the players and they were kind to sign autographs for hours at the end of camp.
This is some of Logan's group with Victor Oladipo.
They wanted their shirts signed.
The boys with Jordan Hulls.
All the boys with Coach Crean.
You don't realize how tall they are on television.  The boys love to listen to the "The Big Handsome Anthem" about Cody Zeller.

The boys with Will Sheehey.

with Christian Watford

Lucas picked this out and gave it to Lane.

We had them sign several things.  I'll bet their hands were about to fall off because there was a LONG line.
It was a great week!  It was intense, but well organized and very instructional.  It was definitely worth it, in my opinion.  Coach Crean also stressed being respecful, using eye contact, saying please and thank you, and not just using social media for communication. 

Landon wants to make it an annual thing so it looks like several years of basketball camp are ahead of us☺ I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...Landon or Logan.

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  1. This was an awesome week for you guys!!! So glad they had the opportunity! Love the picture of Logan gurding the best!!!