Summer Play Group: Week 3

This week, Lori Riley was in charge of the activity.  We did Geocaching, but she ended up making her own instead of using the ones from the website.  Some of those are really hard to find and are located on busy streets.  She came up with some creative clues for the five that we found. 

Getting ready to go.  Trying to figure out the coordinates was the hardest part. We were divided into three groups and had the same five clues in different orders.  We had a race to see who could get finished first. 

Clue #1) The real message is inside, but you are looking for information on the outside.
Harper found the first one!!  The paper said to take a group picture.

Clue #2: Fall Friday nights under these lights.
Harper found the second one!!

Clue #3: I DUG the ballgame, especially when the other team strikes OUT!
Sierra found this one!

Clue #4: Once you are finished with your book you know what to do.
Logan found this one!

Clue #5: This is where the fun begins and ends.
Lucas was the only one who hadn't found one in the group.  When he didn't find the last one, a meltdown soon followed.  It was rather ridiculous.

Here are pics from the other groups:

Thanks Lori (and Jason)!!

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