Drive Thru Zoo

This was one of the funnest things I have ever done with my kids.  Seriously.  It was better than a regular zoo.  We went to Circle G Ranch in Strawberry Plains today and went through a drive thru zoo.  There were lots of different animals and they weren't shy in the least bit to stick their heads in your vehicle. 

My boys are like me in their lack of adoration for animals.  I made Rebecca drive, and I sat in the back so the kids could have better access to the windows.  Trent was the bravest at feeding them, and he got licked and slobbered on a few times.  All the kids were so loud the whole way through with their shrills and screams from excitement, they had Lane all upset.  Rebecca and I laughed the whole time! 

Logan didn't last long in the front seat.

Here's the food we purchased to feed the animals.  It looked like dried turds and didn't smell much better.

These little baby pigs were so cute!
I was so proud of Lucas...
...and Logan!

This is my favorite picture.  It was SOO funny.  He ended up in the floorboard with this one.

We loved the zebras.

The camels were a little aggressive with Rebecca.  She had a little bit of food left in her bucket and she fought the camel over it.  The camel won.  He jerked the bucket out of her hand.

They also have a petting zoo and camel rides.

It's nice to hear your kids say it's the best day ever!  We will be definitely coming back again.  We rounded the day off with lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. 


  1. That is AWESOME! Gotta take mine there sometime. Never knew about it before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! I want to take my kids!!!