Four Month Fallout

Pregnancy affects each woman differently, and each pregnancy is unique.  With one you may have morning sickness and another not a thing...and another all day sickness.  With one you may swell and have cankles and with others no swelling at all.  With my first pregnancy, I experienced tiredness like no other and somewhat with the last.  One thing that has been different with the last pregnancy that I haven't had with the other two is my hair falling out.  Once Lane turned four months old, my hair started falling out...SIGNIFICANTLY.  I keep checking for bald spots on my scalp.  A few weeks ago I cleaned out the drain and it looked like I was removing a small rodent.  It totally grossed me out.  I have since found out that it is quite common and has happened to several of my friends.  If it doesn't stop I am going to end up like this...


  1. Bwahahahah! This happened with me with both pregnancies. Jeff about chopped all my hair off because he was tired of cleaning out the drain. I feel for you! I really really do!

  2. This is too funny!!! Love the picture!

  3. that happened to me!!!! is STILL happening. but is finally slowing down. i really tho't i would be bald--really. it fell out for about a year and a half. i finally cut it off so i wouldn't have such long hairs lying around everywhere. it clogged up my vacuum too, multiple times. =)