Lane's First Birthday

I can't believe Lane is already a year old!  He has been such a blessing and it has been a joyous year with him as a part of our family.  I went back and looked at the blog post of his birth and ended up in tears. 

For Lane's Birthday party, we did a Hungry Caterpillar theme. Here is Lane's invitation:

The food was fun to prepare because it goes right along with the book.
Lucas said plums look like butts.  I'm so proud.
These were individual salads.
Lane's cake.
Little Friends
He loved being sung to.  The morning of his actual birthday, we all sung to him in bed and he was had a huge smile.  When we finished singing he did the "more" sign.  It was so sweet!  Logan used to tell me, "No sing, Mommy!"  Maybe Lane won't do that.  haha. 

He was much cleaner than my other two with the cake.  He wasn't very interested in eating it. 
Click here to see a video/slideshow of Lane's first year.
(you will need to turn off the sound at the bottom of the blog)


  1. I love the buttons as confetti. I would have never thought to use that. Happy Birthday to Lane and good job Mrs. D.

  2. Thanks, Casey! The buttons were really planned. I bought them to make his shirt and I just threw the extras out to add some more color. I thought they looked cute☺