CentriKid Retreat

This year we took a group of kids to a CentriKid Retreat at the end of the summer to Norman Park Conference Center in Georgia.  This was a first for our church, and I was so glad we had the opportunity to take our kids!  It was such a wonderful experience for the kids and myself as well.  It is such a well organized and Spirit-led camp.
While we were checking in, they played games with the kids.  
The theme was very applicable for kids.  It was a video game theme.  I thought it was a great way to share the gospel with kids!
Logan was called on stage to do a relay game.

All the kids got to sign up for three different track times.

OMC (Organized Mass Chaos).  This was a massive relay race divided up by grades.  It was very messy!!!!!
We had a great group of kids!

I'm so glad we got to go.  Logan had such a GREAT time!  I am looking forward to going next year!!

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