Playground Critique

Julie had an idea a few years ago that we should take the kids to all the school playgrounds and decide which one they liked the best.  It sounded like a fun idea and this summer we made a day of it.  I made little charts for them all to compare all of the elementary playgrounds.  It was a HOT day.  I told my kids before we began, "You will sweat.  You will be hot.  You will get tired.  You will be outside ALL day, and you WILL have fun."  They didn't complain:)  It was exhausting though!  If I had it to do over, I would have picked a cooler day.

Our first stop was Central View Elementary.  The favorite thing on this playground was the merry-go-round. 
The slide was hot!
I love the maps!!  We were attempting to take a picture of them all jumping at the same time, but after several tries I gave up.  Look how high Aiden jumped though!

Our next stop was Doyle Elementary.  We all loved this playground.  Favorites included the bridge, slide, spider, seesaws, and the variety.

Gretchen impressed us with her upper body strength.  I don't think I could have done this if someone offered me a million dollars.

Next was Bondecroft Elementary.  We all LOVED that this playground is shaded.  Another favorite included the racing slides.

We took a lunch break and then went to the three big schools.  Woodland Park was next.  The favorites from this playground include the blue and yellow climber, grasshopper, and drums.

Findlay Elementary was our next stop.  The favorite thing on this playground were the tires.  Coming to this playground brought back so many wonderful memories from my time as a Findlay Falcon.   I know that I am biased, but it really was the best of all the playgrounds :)  There is lots of variety!  It is nicely painted and well kept.  

Landon came and met us for our last two stops.  

Our last playground was Northfield.  Favorites from this playground included the merry-go-round and the view.  
Aiden told me that I pushed them faster than Landon.  hahaha.  That kid cracks me up.

We only went to six of the seven elementary schools in White County.  Cassville is doing some renovating and their playground is currently torn down.

Below is a list of everyone's scores.  Sorry Northfield peeps.  Yours was the last one and several didn't fill our scores for you guys.   The lower score is better. 

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