Goodbye Sunrise Ridge

It is bittersweet to leave our home on Sunrise Ridge that we built and have lived in for three and a half years.

We sold our house on Madison Avenue in the spring of 2006.  I was pregnant with Lucas so we were quickly growing out of that house.  I was looking forward to having a little more space.  While we built, we lived in my aunt Della Mae's house because she had just moved into Assisted Living in Life Care. 
We were thankful to have a place to stay and the best part...it was free!  However, I didn't enjoy living here because it felt strange to me since Della Mae wasn't there.   I had spent so much time here with her, and it was a sad daily reminder that it wouldn't be the same anymore.  It felt like I was misplaced, without a home, for a whole year.  Also, Lucas was born while we lived here, and he didn't have a nursery.  Needless to say, I was anxious to move into our new home. 

For those that have built a house know that it can be a very stressful process.  The decisions to be made can be overwhelming, especially for someone who can be really indecisive at times.  Here are a few pictures along the way...
Landon and Mike Watson deciding where to build on the lot.

Logan is helping them out.

Digging the basement.

Here come our Superior Walls.

It was quite a process.

I experienced some physical problems during this time.  One night at Della Mae's house, I was having strange tingling sensations on my face in different spots.  It was really annoying and it went on for a little while.  It happened a few other times so, I decided to just look it up online to see what it could possibly be.  In my horror, I had come to the conclusion that it must be MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  After all, my aunt also has this, so it must be in my genetic makeup.  It was a troubling few days thinking of all that this would do to me and how I might be in a wheelchair soon.  Landon told me I was overreacting a bit, but I was convinced that this was my fate.  I went to the doctor and after blood work, Dr. Griffin informed me that it was just stress.  What a relief!!  :)  I don't recommend looking up your symptoms on the computer...it can get you all worked up for nothing.  haha.

I am not the only one who has come up with MS as a self-diagnosis.  I found out a few years later that Landon's cousin Natalie had done the same thing. 
She tried to get up one time and her legs were numb.   She did the same thing and looked up what could be causing this...she too determined that it must be MS.  It turns out that she had something minor wrong with her back. 

Anyway, back to the house...building can be stressful:)  We moved into our new home in July of 2007.  We didn't have our hot water turned on but I was so ready to move, I didn't care.  Besides it was so hot I thought that a cold shower might feel good.  Boy, was I wrong!  I will never do that again, I don't care how anxious I am about it. 
Finally moving in!

Logan finding the stud to hang up pictures.

Logan loved his new bed!

Lucas wasn't sure about his.

Here is a tour of our home...

I am really going to miss my bathtub:(

I made the curtains in the three following rooms...

We were on hold to redo the nursery to a big boy room because the house was for sale.  They really just shared Logan's room anyway for the last year or so.  They are going to share rooms in the new house.

This is the main reason why we picked this house plan because we loved the way the bathrooms connected the two bedrooms.  They each had their own sink and closet and they shared the toilet and shower.


We have had many gatherings to celebrate holidays, birthdays, wedding and baby showers.

We have made many wonderful memories in this home and it is a little sad to leave, but I know the new homeowners will love this home and make it their own.  In the process we have made new friends.  They even helped us move this weekend.

Micah and Gretchen

and their four children...

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