I know that all my posts are about this, but it has consumed all my time for the last two months.  We finished up the last load and pulled out of the driveway this evening for the last time as it being our house.  I have been an emotional basket case on and off all day.  Part of it is due to the fact that I am completely physically and emotionally drained, and the other part is just nostalgic.  I didn't realize I would be so affected by moving.

I don't do well with change...of any kind really.  When I was pregnant with Lucas, I really wanted to get a van but we were in the middle of moving from our other house.  We went to trade it and the guy drove off to test our Envoy out for a trade amount...I sat there and cried as I watched him drive it off.  Landon looked at me and said "Isn't this what you wanted?  I am so confused."  My poor husband.  I love him so.  We kept it for a year longer and then got a van.  It was just too much change at once to handle.  (Stupid, I know!)

Anyway, today there was SO much left to pack and move.  I honestly didn't know if we were ever going to get finished.  We got the downstairs emptied and cleaned, and while everyone was away, I just sat on the steps and glanced over the empty room and had my first of several meltdowns for the day.
Remember the scene from You've Got Mail when she cleaned out adorable children's bookstore Shop Around the Corner.  She glanced back as she was locking it for the last time and had flashbacks of when she was younger dancing around the shop with her mother.  I had one of those moments when it finally sunk in and I glanced over the empty room and all sorts of memories flooded my mind. 

The two rooms that I put off until the end were the boys rooms.  We worked on Logan's room and that's when another episode hit me.  So much of their childhood was wrapped up in these rooms and it was about too much to bear.  I didn't even do Lucas' room, I don't think I could have.  There's is just something about taking down a nursery that gets me.  I know has long outgrown it, but it has been on hold.  I had to just get out of the house for a few minutes.

When I pulled myself together, I came back home.  When I pulled up, I started tearing up again because there were so many vehicles in the driveway and road that I didn't even have room to park.  I was overwhelmed with all the people who came to help us move.  I was so thankful for family and friends who pulled together to help us in our time of need.  We really couldn't have done it without all the help, and to say thank you doesn't even come close to expressing my true feelings of appreciation and thankfulness.

We had the carpets cleaned...they look like new.

For the new homeowners.

Now on to the next hurdle...to unpack and organize...and finish painting:)  I don't think I will be moving again.  I can't handle it emotionally.  haha.  I will post pictures of the new house soon.


  1. Terri, I teared up just reading this! I had similar meltdowns as we packed our things to move to TN from our dream home in CA. We bought that house before we were even married, completely remodeled it, and had 3 of our children there. We had just spent an astronomical amount of money remodeling my kitchen. That was August, 2005. Three months later, John's brother announced they were moving to TN. Then, in May, 2006, his parents moved to TN. We (he) then decided we were moving, too. It was very hard to leave my family, my best friend, and my sister, whom I had just reconnected with. As I sit here writing to you, sobbing, I am thinking we are not so different! We have settled in here, but I miss my home so much! I love all of my friends here, but feel so disconnected from the first 29 years of my life spent in another world, so it seems. I know you are grateful for the family you have around you. Hang on to that! The Lord will comfort you in the rest. Let me know if you need to talk...we can be crybabies together!

    Love you, Amber

  2. Amber, you texted me right after my first episode. Then I almost cried because you texted me that you were thinking of me right then. It really meant a lot to me. Your move was much harder than mine...not even comparable!! I just moved a mile away, but no matter what house I move out of, I just have a hard time moving. I was just really sad yesterday, but I know it won't be too long and I will be over it. I really like the new house, it's just a lot of work. I wish I could have seen your house you fixed up in CA. I heard you had a dream kitchen. Make John fix yours up...he can do anything.

  3. Believe me, I know...he is an amazing guy. Unfortunately, our hands are tied as far as affording a dream kitchen right now! I'm okay with that though. I will post pics of our old kitchen.