Awana Grand Prix

This afternoon, we had our Awana Grand Prix at church.  This year, because we have been so focused on remodeling and moving, we haven't had the time to put in the boys cars as in years past.  Landon always wants to order the block instead of having it already cut out, but this year, I really should have picked one already cut out.  Landon started working on the cars yesterday, but didn't have any tools because we are in a absolute mess in our new house.  Actually, to be able to find socks and underwear for church today was like finding a treasure.  We will get settled hopefully this week:) 

Anyway, he sent me to Wal-Mart to get a Dremil tool (whatever that is??) but it had to be charged and he couldn't cut it out until today.  So, he was a bit pressed for time to get two cars cut out, painted, with weights and wheels.  It was one of those kind of afternoons where it is best to stay away.  He was trying to use some kind of saw that wasn't the proper one to use and Logan's car was launched across the garage and hit the wall.  I was frantically trying to call people from Gum Springs and First Baptist because we had no extras at our church, but I couldn't get anyone.  He made it work somehow. 

Check out Lucas' hair.  He had a visit from the hair fairy during naptime.

Needless to say, we were just glad to have cars there to race.  Neither of them placed, but I was just
hoping they would win at least one race.  I almost gave them a talk on the way to be happy for others because I didn't think their car would do very well.  haha.

Sparks boys

Design Judges deliberate...tough decisions.

Jason Riley keeping it straight.

It came down to brother and sister...Nathaniel and Marissa Randolph.
Marissa was the champion.

Design winners...Colin Riley (3rd), Koby Jones (2nd), and Ashlynn Phillips (1st)

Cubbies Race...Lucas thought this would never get here.  He couldn't wait to race his car and get a trophy!!
Cousins compete...
Ella was the Cubbies Champion.
The two winners!

This is an impossible group shot to get everyone smiling:)
 They didn't place, but they each won three races.  They had a blast and look forward to it every year.  Maybe next year we will work on their cars in advance:)

I just love the Awana program because they learn so many bible verses at such a young age and will hide those in their hearts for a lifetime.  It helps me learn them too as I teach them to my children. 

Check out these videos that Tricia Frasier, our fearless leader,  put together.  I promise it will make you smile. 

Awana Video #1             Awana Video #2             Awana Video #3


  1. Awww... I am so sad Warren was sick. That looks like so much fun!!! :) Love that the hair fairy came to visit!!! Ha!

  2. Well, know that Warren was missed. Lucas came and told me immediately that he was sick. lol

  3. The pictures are so great!!! You are the best! It was so fun & I love the Awana program too! Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part!