We have been busy remodeling our new home for the last several weeks, and this week in particular has been emotionally tolling.  I have been putting in 12-15 hour days trying to get the whole house painted before we move in.  Everyone tells me that I can paint when I get moved in, but I just want everything possible finished beforehand because it is easier without furniture to work around.

Over the last three weeks, we have had several people in and out of the house working on various projects.  One major project is the bathroom remodel...
This is the bathroom now...

Another project was getting the walls prepared to paint.  The wallpaper did some major damage to the walls and it had to be patched and sanded, some walls many times before they were ready to paint. 

John Weatherly can do anything from repairing walls, plumbing, electrical work, building beams, to making light fixtures from just a picture.  He had Aaron Hummelt work alongside him in all his jobs. John mentored him in all areas and taught him how to do everything he knew how to do. 

This morning, a tragedy occurred at the Weatherly house.  Aaron was living in the upstairs room of their barn and early this morning, the barn caught on fire and he was trapped inside.  He called 911 to try and get help, but he was unable to make it out in time.  It just doesn't seem real to be joking around with a person just two days ago to them being gone in a flash. 

Although I have just recently gotten to know Aaron through the last few weeks, he was always polite and respectful in every conversation.  He did whatever I asked him to do immediately and with a smile.  He thanked me for adding him as a friend on facebook acting surprised I would even consider it.  We can ask why, but God's ways are not our ways.  John felt certain that Aaron had a relationship with Christ because he could see the 180 degree turn that he had made in his life.  I feel guilty that I never discussed this with him in the time that I worked with him.  It is a horrible reminder to me of how short life is and where my focus needs to be.  He had his hand in every room in our new house, and his life that was taken too soon will not be forgotten.  May God's peace be richly poured out on his parents and his brother and the entire Weatherly family. 

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