A Hobby and a Friendly Day

Today I got to spend the day with a long-time childhood friend, Rita (Maynard) McCarthey.  We have been friends since I was in second grade.  She and her family moved here from Tracy City and they started going to our church.  We were friends immediately, and I spent almost as much time at her house as I did my own. 
I have lots of great memories of our childhood together...playing games...Old Maid, Skip-Bo, and Uno were our faves.  We also played Oregon Trail and Lemonade Stand on her high-tech computer!  I also got my first stitches while at her house.  We were riding bikes and I was trying to show off by not using the handle bars and did a face plant on the pavement.  As we grew older, we were involved in different activities, but always remained friends.  She has always been a friend that you can pick back up right where you left off, even after an extended amount of time.
She was my maid of honor.

Back to today...I was reminded of all those times from childhood because of looking at her two year old son, Connor.  He is a boy version of Rita!!  He looks just her as a child:)

She has two precious children.  Connor will be turning two tomorrow and she has a six month old daughter named Ady, short for Adlin.  I just love that name because she rearranged the letters in her mother's name...Linda.  I got the privilege of taking pictures of these two darling children today:)  Here are some pictures from today....

Connor was a bit more challenging to photograph.  He is quite the active little guy☺

It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of two small children.  Rita and I were sweating for trying.  lol.  Here is the best we could do...

I love the candid ones the best...
 Sometimes mommies can be confused for a jungle gym.

When Rita was pregnant with Connor, one of the gifts I got for her baby shower was a blanket that I monogrammed.  As it turns out, he has an attachment to his blanket.  I just love when I get the good gifts.  haha.  I also have another friend's daughter that has an attachment to a blanket I made for her.  I just like getting gifts that are actually used...especially when I make them:)

Here are a few other pictures that we have done in the last year...

3 months

I couldn't wait to try these out...
The bookworm...my personal favorite☺

I enjoyed spending the day with Rita her kids today.  My boys love Connor and he really took up to Landon, especially because he let him ride the lawnmower and threw a football with him.  I wanted to keep Ady.  She is such a precious baby.  She is very laid back and content all the time.

I am not a professional photographer, but I enjoy it as a hobby.  I am not looking to start a business.  I learned my lesson with that from sewing.  Turning a hobby into a business can take all the joy out  of something you once loved.  So, this is just for fun.  Call my mother in law instead:)

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  1. I LOVE the picture of Ady pinned up on the clothes line. haha That is adorable!