Easter 2011

We had a lovely Easter Sunday.  We started the morning with some Easter baskets.  Grandpa was here Easter morning and he got them one as well.  They were very excited.

Then off to church.  It is one of my favorite Sunday services:)  We snapped a few pictures before church outside of my handsome boys!

Then the boys wanted to take some pictures....especially Lucas.  Here are a few he took.
We just love Dave!  He took our family picture:)

After church, we have our Easter Egg Hunt.  I didn't like it as well this year because the boys were in two different places, and they were at the same time.  I felt torn!!  I had to run back and forth to try to see some of each.
I was very glad to have my dad at church with us.

After church, we went home to change clothes, but not before we took more pictures with every combination possible.  lol.   My poor kids.  They are going to be ruined.   

The boys couldn't wait to change clothes, especially Logan.  He doesn't like to wear anything but a t-shirt lately.  It is very sad because he looks so cute in polos, but it is a battle that I often just don't choose to fight. They couldn't wait to put on their new shirts from their Easter baskets.

Then off to my aunt Lissa's to have lunch with my mom's side of the family.
Lucas had fun playing with Zander's toys.
I just love this little guy!  Such a cutie!
I thought Granny and I were going to have a fight over who gets to hold the newest addition to our family...baby Casen.

Joah with a goofy grin.

Then, off to Landon's parents.  The family has grown a bit this year!  We had another Easter Egg Hunt and a wonderful meal.  I wasn't even hungry, but I had to eat!  I then felt miserable the rest of the evening.  The adults hunt Eater Eggs also and get prizes. 

Sara took it seriously this year and ended up on the ground diving for an egg.  I don't think she won.  lol.
Landon, the competitive one.

Now the kids turn...

Busy day, but very thankful for the reason for the celebration!

"For I know that my Redeemer lives,
and at the last he will stand upon the earth."

{John 11:25-26 & Job 19:25}


  1. :( This makes me sad. Know what I was doing? Sitting on the beach in NC wishing Ryan and I were there with you all. I'm glad you posted this!

  2. Well you were missed! I can't wait until you get to move closer to home.