Loveliest of Trees...and a few other happenings

I just love the time of year when dogwoods bloom, and this year is one of the best ever!  I have really enjoyed them in the yard of our new house.  Landon counted around twenty-five! 

Here is a view off our front porch...

and around the rest of the yard...

Here are some more flowers in the yard planted by Mrs. Nixon. 
Don't ask me what they are because I only know the irises and tulips:)  I like them though.
I haven't ever seen a flower this color.  It almost looks black.  I wonder if it is some sort of sign.  haha.

When picking out paint colors for our house, I really wanted to paint my dining room red.  I had several friends talk me out it because I wanted to paint the kitchen blue.  I was told it may look like the Fourth of July in my house.  Reluctantly, I decided against it, but I really wanted red somewhere.  Then, I decided to paint the powder room red.  As I was painting the kitchen, one of the workers on our house walked through and said, "Man, your house looks like a bag of skittles."  The powder room ended up an exciting beige. Finally, I decided what I wanted to paint red...the front door.  I was also discouraged by some not to paint it red, but I didn't listen this time!!  I painted it this week, and I LOVE it!!  It took several coats because I was too lazy find the gray paint to prime it first. 

First coat...I was a bit skeptical after the first coat.  It looked pink.  gag.

Second coat...not much better.

Third coat

Fourth Coat

Fifth Coat...I still have some more touching up to do, but it is almost finished.  Lesson learned...always prime with gray when painting red.  It will save time in the long run!

Home School Blues...

As the school year is near completion, Logan is getting anxious for summer break.  He is convinced he is allergic to school☺  We had to have a change of scenery this week so we moved out of our school room downstairs to the dining room.  It's one thing I love about homeschooling...you can have school wherever.

 Thrilled, aren't we??  He must have an inspiring teacher.  lol

'Tis the Season for Baseball
This is a first for us in a couple of areas.  First of the firsts...having two children playing sports at the same time.  I can understand why some parents have complained a bit over feeling like a taxi.  Needless to say,  we will be spending lots of time at the ballfield for the next few months.  Another first is Logan moved up to pitching machine from T-Ball.  It is definately another league!!  Another first is we are playing the first time with a team that actually keeps score.  It's a bit more nervewracking!!

They both had their first games tonight.  Lucas played first and I had to give him a Tom Hanks "There's no crying in baseball" pep talk before the game.  He was a bit grumpy because he was woken up from a nap.  He ended up playing well, except for the fact that he ran to third base instead of first after he hit the ball.  haha.  He will catch on soon.
He was comparing his number to the other team member. 
He was also very excited to see his friend Jace on the other team.  He hollered out to me from the field that he saw Jace.  So cute☺

Logan's game was a different story.  I was on pins and needles!!  Like I said, it was fhe first time that he has actually played where the score is kept.  I was afraid they would get beat and he would feel discouraged from playing.  The good news was he didn't even really know the score or even notice if they won.  The bad news is they were killed....they didn't even score.  I really do hope that we played the best team tonight and the entire season won't be like tonight's game.  lol. 
This field is much harder to take pictures!!  I am sure Logan appreciates that though.  He is starting to get tired of me taking pictures of him. 

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