Know What I Like About You?

I found this article "Know What I Like About You" in Home Life magazine that I wanted to share.  It is written by Marie Armenia...

It was so good I read it to Landon this morning when we had a rare ride in the van by ourselves without interruptions.  I actually choked up a bit reading it aloud.  Here's what is said... 

After 41 years of marriage, I was surprised to discover a new, highly effecive communication tool: a simple phrase that begins with, "Know what I like about you?" and ends with something you like about that person.  Phil and I were over-committed for an extended stretch of time.  Although we did our best to be kind to each other, one evening I realized that I hadn't said anything nice to Phil in a long time.  I looked at him and said, "Know what I like about you?"  He looked at me and waited.  I finished the sentence, "You always smell so good."  Nothing earth shattering.  "Really?"  he asked.  "Really," I replied.  His face lit up. 

He returned the favor by saying, "Know what I like about you?  You always look so good." "Really?"  I asked, amazed that he didn't mention the wrinkles around my eyes.  "Really," he said.  The next day, my mirror seemed kinder - just because of one sentence.

Over the next several weeks, "Know what I like about you?" dialogue became a new habit between us.  Every sentence seemed to chip away at the wall of silence that our busy schedules had erected.  It changed our home.  I learned that I shouldn't assume my man knows what I like about him, just because we've been married for a few decades. 

A few weeks after this tradition took root in our marriage, our grandkids visited us.  They overheard Phil (a.k.a "BaBa) ask me, "Know what I like about you, Mema?" and then finish the sentence.  They responded, "Say it to me, BaBa!"  They giggled and laughed as BaBa and I told them what we like about them.  Then it was their turn.  Our attributes ranged from "You love Jesus a lot" to "You always have lots of ice pops."

As we prayed over dinner, the kids decided it would be fun to tell God what they like about Him.  "Know what I like about You, God?  You make pretty flowers."  "Know what I like about You, God?  You're big and strong."  Phil explained to the kids that what they were doing is called praise.  Praising God is nothing more than saying from your heart, "Know what I like about You, God?" and then speaking the words aloud.

After a while, our grandkids wanted to know what God likes about them.  Phil read different Scripture verses, and we watched the light of God's love go on in their little hearts.  It became a night of sheer joy talking about God's love with our grandchildren.  Finally, the PlayDoh was calling, and so one of them summed it up: "So, if we could hear God's voice, we would hear Him say, 'Know what I like about You? Absolutely everything."

Ephesians 4:29-30 teaches us many things we shouldn’t do or say, but we’re equally admonished to build one another up.  As a family, do we take the time to speak encouraging words to one another?

So, on the way back home, Landon and I tried this.  It was so meaningful that I almost teared up on one of the things Landon said about me.  He said he liked the way I take individual time with each of the boys and do activities with them.  I told him that I really beat myself up over that one because sometimes I feel like a terrible mom.  He was surprised that I felt that way and was a huge encouragement because he said he doesn’t see that at all.  It was a great way for us to share things we love about one another when we can sometimes neglect because of the busyness of life.  Anyway, I thought I would share this article with everyone so you can try it for yourselvesJ  I would love to hear how it goes.

Here is a link to Mrs. Armenia's website to read more of her work...

I’m not a dog person in any way, but I thought this picture was cute.


  1. This was a great post! For sure I will try this! I do try to ask Troy everyday how his day was, but this is much better! Thanks for sharing!

  2. And you FOR SURE are a teriffic mom!!! One for others to look up to!