Curb Appeal...some of my faves

I have always loved to look at homes and wonder what they look like on the inside, especially if it is a house I love on the outside.  I remember watching Gone With the Wind for the first time at my friend's house in the fifth grade, and I was captivated.  I fell in love with large white houses with black shutters. 

Here are some houses that I love in this area that are similar to this one....

Also, when I was younger we would drive by an old house that I loved.  I told my mom every time we passed by it that I wanted to fix it up.  I haven't been on this road for years.  I asked my mom the other day if she remembered that I used to say that,  and she said someone had remodeled it.  I couldn't wait to go see it so we drove out there the other day.  I was blown away by the difference!!!  I couldn't believe it was the same house.  I wish I had before pictures to show.

I am a sucker for large porches.  Here are some houses that I like with great porches...

In college, I always loved the drive down Dixie going to TTU.  There are so many beautiful homes to see.  Here are some of my favorites...

I also LOVE stacked stone....

Some others that I love...

Landon loved this one, and it is for sale.  He said, "Do you want to move to Cookeville?"  I said, "NO WAY!  I am not moving!!"  He loved the bridge over the creek leading up to the house. 

Here are two of my absolute favorites...ones I would actually consider moving again for (maybe).
from two angles

Now, if I could just get to see what they all look like on the inside☺  How nosy am I???


  1. The last house you posted a picture of I'm pretty sure dad and Steph almost bought. It's been flipped from one end to the other! And your right, it's beautiful!

  2. It is Amy Callahan's house. I love it!!

  3. So beautiful! When I lived in Cookeville, I spent many hours just driving around looking at houses. You should check out Big Bear Lane or maybe it is Big Bear Creek...amazing houses! Oh and the yellow house on Dixie that you posted used to be a fraternity house!

  4. Terri, I love your taste! And two of those houses in Old Kentucky Place belong some of my closest friends! I love them too.