Quite a Mishap

Today, I watched my friend Gretchen's two children because her mother-in-law had to go out of town.  It has been an exciting day today with four kids.  We went to the park this morning and the weather was perfect! 

Logan decided he was going to make silly faces for the camera...

He smiled for at least one.

When we got home, they were playing outside.  I was on the front porch trying to talk Emma into letting me fix her hair (to no avail...tear) when Logan runs up to me with a look of sheer panic saying to come to the garage.  He is crying and saying he is sorry.  I go to the garage to see what in the world is the matter, and he knocked off a paint can that had more than half left of "Silent Blue" in it.  It splattered all over the walls, Landon's golf clubs, golf bag, and MY VAN!!! 
I was trying not to panic when I saw the mess that had been made because I know it was truly an accident and Logan was hysterical over what had happened.  It took a while, but we got it cleaned up.  I am SO glad Landon happened to be home so he could help.  He was a bit annoyed that I took a few pictures.  lol. 
Luckily he spilled latex paint and it all came out, but it was a mess!  Once all the paint was off the van,
we decided to just go ahead and wash the van.

I put them to work, then they played...

This reminds me of the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin when he is talking to the guy with the genius child who is spouting off different languages and facts.  Steve looks over at his son and he has a bucket on his head banging it against the door.  ☺

Thankfully, the van isn't going to be blue.  We got all of the paint off.

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  1. :) I really really liked this post for some reason. I'm glad all the paint cleaned up!