Track and Field Day

One of my favorite days in elementary school was track and field.  I guess because it was a long break from the normal day in the classroom that I loved.  When we decided to homeschool, we weighed pros and cons, and one thing that I was concerned about was Logan "missing out" on the traditional events in public school, such as track and field day.  I was thrilled to know that our homeschool group does lots of events and this was one of them.  This year the weather was unseasonably cold for spring.  It was around 50 degrees and windy.  Despite the weather, I am glad we went, and both boys had a fun morning.   

The first thing on the agenda was an obstacle course. 
Jan keeping the time.
Egg Toss
Logan got slimed.

I am very thankful that Logan has a friend close to his age that also is homeschooled☺

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