Disney Vacation

We just got home from the longest trip I have ever gotten to go on.  We went to Disney World for a week, then to the beach for a week.  It was the perfect trip for the whole family.  We have been several times to Disney World, but I still love it...especially since I have children.  It is such a magical place and watching their reactions is priceless.  When we planned this trip earlier in the year, we didn't know that I would be pregnant.  I didn't get to ride much, but it was still enjoyable watching the boys.

On our first morning at Disney World, we had reservations for a character breakfast at Chef Mickey's.  The food is always amazing and the kids loved seeing the characters. 
Lucas refused to get his picture made with Minnie Mouse.  I guess he thought it was too girly. ☺

We went to each park two different days except Animal Kingdom.  Even having two days, there were still some things we didn't get to do.  There is just SO much to do that unless you are there for weeks, it is impossible to do it all. 

Hollywood Studios:
The Indiana Jones show was one of Lucas' favorite things here. 

They both loved the new Star Wars ride.  I waited outside many times while they rode this one. 
 Who knows what this is anymore? 

We had dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.

This was the highlight of our whole Disney experience:  Jedi Training!  It was a long line to get them signed up, but it was defintely worth it. 
While in line, Lucas was doing a pee-pee dance.  The man in charge told Landon if he took him, he would miss it and wouldn't get to go on stage.  He was too excited to miss it, and I knew he wouldn't have another chance.  We told him to turn around a pee in the bush.  I know it's horrible, but sometimes you do what you have to do☺  It's one of the great things about having boys.
Logan had some moves.  He was the only one that got to use the force on the Storm Troopers.

Magic Kingdom:
The crane is a bit distracting, but I can't wait to see the new updated area!
We haven't ever been this time of year.  I loved the fall decorations!
We went back on my birthday but it was really crowded, unlike the rest of the week.  It was also Disney World's 40th birthday and the people poured into the park.  We wanted to watch the fireworks and the parade, but I almost decided to leave because of the crowds.  I was glad we stayed, even though I was on the verge of a panic attack walking down Main Street.

Animal Kingdom:
Lucas loved the maps.
They could have spent hours digging for dinosaur bones.

This was the only picture I took at Epcot.  I guess I was tired of taking pictures and Epcot is my least favorite of them all.  I love hot air balloons, so this was worth taking a picture of.  Landon took this one of the boys...

I took many more pictures, but I will refrain from posting more.  It was a wonderful week, but it will be several years before I will want to go back.  It isn't very fun going with a baby.  We went when Lucas was just a little over a year old, and it wasn't the most enjoyable trip.  I was thankful to get to go this year. 

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