Let's Talk Laundry

I wonder if there is such a thing as disposable clothing.  If there is I am going to consider it:)  One of the things I like to do the least is laundry.  I am not good at keeping it up and it quickly turns into a mountain!! 

It also doesn't help that I have a husband who takes two to three showers a day and a son who changes clothes several times a day. 

I bought this for the wall over my washer and dryer to help inspire me, but it didn't help too much.

Everytime I get caught the laundry up, I promise myself I will try to keep it up better this time, but it never happens.  Kim, a good friend does a load of laundry each day.  Seriously, how hard would that be for me to do, but I just can't bring myself to do it. 

Lost Sock Mystery
My laundry is all washed and in transit to their proper location (for this moment) and these are the leftover
socks with no match.  Seriously...where did they go??????????

Believe it or not, but I do love to iron.  I love to do things that I have quick results so ironing is just right up my alley.  In just a few quick swoops you go from sloppy to crisp.  I just don't like to get the ironing board out.  Is that lazy or what?  I really would love to have a laundry room where I could leave it up all the time and I think that I would be an ironing fool...maybe that's stretching it a bit.  Also, the boys are funny when I iron because they will stand there in front of the ironing board and ask to be squirted by the iron.  (And, no I am not for hire:)  

This is so sad to me, but I have to move up to adult hangers for Logan's clothes because
they are too big for the little hangers now. 

Speaking of hangers, my in-laws stayed with us for a couple of months two years ago after they sold their house and were trying to decide if they were going to build or buy.  We had gone somewhere and one of them had locked their keys in their car.  Mike said he looked everywhere in the house but couldn't find one wire hanger.  I hate wire hangers!!  I think Mommie Dearest scarred me for life.  Look at her face...psycho!

I used to watch this movie all the time as a child.  Why??  What a horrible movie to watch! 

 A question that I am often asked by Landon is "Does this shirt stink?"  Another thing that happens often is I leave them in the wash too long and they soil.  Then I just rewash the load and try again.  I don't want to even think about the detergent that I have wasted doing this.  I really need to consider making my own.  I know several who do and should give it a try.  Maybe I wouldn't feel as guilty about wasting it.

A funny story about this...Right after Landon and I got married, he played church league basketball.   Bill Crosland had just moved here and didn't have a team shirt yet so Landon loaned him his shirt to wear for a game.  After they played a few minutes, Bill asked Landon what that smell was.  Landon said he didn't know.  They kept playing for a little while and Bill said, "Man, something really stinks!"  Landon leaned over and smelled Bill's shirt and he told him that it was his shirt that I had let soil.  How embarassing!!  So sorry honey!!  :)

I come by it honestly, though.  I remember one birthday while I was in high school I was so mad at my mom because I didn't have any clean panties.  I was fuming because I had to wear dirty panties on my birthday of all days.  This birthday, she texted me and asked me if I had clean panties to wear on my birthday.  haha.

Smell is a really important thing to me too.  You may find me in the Wal-Mart detergent aisle smelling all of them.  My mom said I would buy a turd if it smelled good.  (She has some great quotes).  I think the smell of your detergent is a really important because there are some people that I love the way they smell and it is because of their detergent.  The Holland family are the ones I am talking about.  Tamara uses April Fresh Tide and she always smells great.  I can always know if she is near because I can smell her trail (her kids too).  I have really embarrased Drew by discussing this. 

Katelyn Meadows also smells fresh and clean!  I don't know what kind she uses, though.

Another thing that happens to me often is washing something that shouldn't have gone through the laundry.  I have washed common things such as gum and candy.  Recently I have washed some DS games.  Suprisingly, they still work with no problems...thank goodness!  The worst thing to wash, though, is a pull-up!!  It is such a horrible mess and you have to clean out all the goop and rewash the load.  I really need to take more time and check what goes through the laundry.

Landon's cousin, Missie, had a great idea about her dream laundry room.  She said if she could build a house, she would build a large laundry room big enough for everyone's clothes and have the laundry room be everyone's closet.  That way, you can just wash them up and put them away right there.  GENIUS! 

This is also in my laundry room...

I guess I shouldn't complain because I could be doing this instead...


  1. I make my own detergent. It's really cheap and easy. I don't mind laundry, but there's only 2 of us here now. I don't like to iron and end up ironing every morning! We should trade, I'll wash and you iron! BTW you're doing a great job with your blog. and your boys! Love you guys!

  2. Thanks Cheryl. How does the detergent smell? Is it easy to make?

  3. Your panties were not clean on your 18th birthday because you did not put them in the laundry to be washed : ) I remember a huge mound of clothing exploding out of your room to be washed!

  4. I don't ever remember Terri's room being that dirty. :) I will trade you too, Terri! I love doing laundry but HATE cleaning my house! I'll keep up your laundry and you come keep my house clean!

  5. I feel your pain!! The worst thing that I have ran through the washer and dryer was Chap Stick!
    I left oily spots on everything!!

  6. I hate to have to put it all up, seems like as soon as I get it in it's place it's in the laundry again. I use Clean B. Detergents. It smells wonderful! I have heard of putting all of one person's laundry in a basket and washing it all together. That way it all stays together and you don't have to sort. Adding some vinegar will help the colors not to fade. I try to have a laundry basket for each child so you know who it goes to (my girl friend even has them color coded, I'm not that good). I have found through the years that I HAVE to do a load everyday to keep up with all my laundry.
    Love reading your blog!

  7. Hey I knew I would be famous one day, but not for doing laundry every day....lol

  8. Homemade Laundry Detergent
    4 cups hot tap water,
    1 Fels-Naptha soap bar
    1 cup Arm and Hammer washing soda-found in the detergent aisle
    ½ cup Borax- 20 Mule Team is the only brand I know
    Grate bar of soap and add to saucepan with water. Stir continually over medium-low heat until soap dissolves and is melted.
    Fill a five-gallon bucket half full of hot tap water. Add melted soap, washing soda and Borax. Stir well until all powder is dissolved. Fill bucket to top with more hot water. Stir, cover and let sit overnight to thicken. After sitting all night it will jell. Stir it and it will be liquid with lumps of jell.
    Use 1/2 to 2/3 cup per load

    it's about $.04 a load
    You can get all the ingredients at Sparta Krogers.

    I takes about 20 minutes to make and smells good. Like soap! You can also add any scent essential oil if you like! The soda and borax will make many recipes so all you have to buy is the Fels Naptha after the first time.

  9. Terri, I enjoyed spending time with you and the ladies last night, and did find out many unknown things about you! lol So, I am seriously going to have to update my blog. I think I started it in 08 or 09. I definitely don't have as many clever stories as you do, but I don't know why 'cause my family is crazy! I share some of your "issues" though! It's funny that you mention your inspiration as "Julie & Julia". That movie is the reason I began mine, also! AND...I think I need to digital scrap...yes, you are my inspiration! You should charge people for your insight and designs!

  10. Terri, you crack me up. And I love Aunt Debbie's quote about the turd... ahh I miss you guys.

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  12. It is really bad when you get so behind that you take a trip to the laundry mat to get caught up! I did this in November when Brandon and I both realized that we had shamefully gotten so far behind on the laundry that all of it was dirty and we would never get caught up unless we did something drastic! So we loaded up the truck, since it all wouldnt fit in the car, and off to the laundry mat I went. I hadn't been to a laundry mat since we first got married 11 years ago....well the only thing that has been updated are the prices:( Brandon stayed home with the kids so I was doing this adventure all alone. When I walked in I was very surprised to see 3 middle aged men(50-ish) starring at me as I brought enough laundry for the town of Sparta into the laundry mat. The first thing one of them said is, "I would shoot myself if I had that much laundry." They all watched as I brought in basket after basket of clothes. I thought they might lend a hand to help, but the only help I got was advice from them on how to use the machines in the most cost saving way. One man said, "honey after washing all that laundry you could be halfway to buying a washer or dryer." I was too ashamed to let them know that I had a very nice working washer and dryer at home, but I was too overwhelmed to use them! After getting nine washers (4 of them were large capacity washers that held multiple baskets) started with my mounds of laundry, I asked them how they ended up coming to the laundry mat instead of the women in their lives. They all had the same story. The three of them had all lost their jobs and their wives were still working. They asked their wives what they could do to help them around the house and all three of them handed over the task of the laundry. Go figure. I guess women really do hate doing laundry! So I learned a big lesson, we are never going to like doing laundry, but be thankful for our working husbands and stay on top of the laundry, it will save you at least 3 hours and $65.00!

  13. Oh my Rebecca, what a funny story...especially the part where one of them said they would shoot themselves if they had that much laundry:) That is really expensive!